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The truth is not every travel agency has the skills necessary to manage group travel well… but House of Travel Tauranga does.

We are the only travel agency in this region with a ​groups division that specialises in
both inbound and outbound group travel. We offer specialist staff whose primary role is managing group travel . You'll be talking to experts, people who everyday are taking new and very individual group enquiries, negotiating great supplier deals, and then stitching those arrangements together seamlessly. Group travel is of course about securing a great deal, but it's also balanced with an extra responsibility on our behalf. Other agencies may be attracted by the initial sale a group promises but we know that​'s the easy part, in the end it's the delivery that counts! Whether your group is business focused, perhaps family, a bunch of friends, or maybe a social club, you'll be in good hands with House of Travel Tauranga. Contact us now.

Simon Hocking House of Travel Tauranga ​Simon Hocking 
Group & T​our Consultant

Group travel is my passion, it's what I do every day, and so I​'m able to stay focused on the very specific and often challenging responsibilities linked to each of my customers needs. Every day I​'m negotiating group deals with airlines, hotels, tour companies and a wide range of suppliers. It's that frequency of contact and the relationships I have with suppliers that gives us the edge, and this experience is available to you.

Expect a combination of great pricing and wonderful service, wrapped up in one important word, ​'confidence'... confidence that your group will be well cared for and that your dreams will be understood and delivered!

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Abby Abby Delaney 
Consultant/Corporate Groups

If you have plans to bring people Into our region, especially if they are your customers or people with a commercial connection to your business, contact me for further advice. Inbound travel is not a common function of a New Zealand travel agency, yet we have established a significant part of our business caring for groups and individual travellers visiting our region. We specialise in organising promotional visits where we arrange everything from coach hire, accommodations and sightseeing right through to translation services and even restaurant and catering charge back facilities.
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