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Travel Consultant


10B Turua Street
St Heliers

Why ME?

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  • Uniworld River Cruise in Europe Uniworld River Cruise in Europe
  • Fun in the dunes in Oregon Fun in the dunes in Oregon
  • Cycling half day in Burma/Myanmar Cycling half day in Burma/Myanmar
  • Breakfast at Disneyland Breakfast at Disneyland
  • Strolling Brooklyn Bridge, New York Strolling Brooklyn Bridge, New York
  • Chilling in Rarotonga Chilling in Rarotonga

Community & Charity Events

  • Tennis Seniors Auckland committee member 2010-2014.

Where on Earth do you still want to go?

  • Almost anywhere!

Useful Apps & Gadgets for Travel

  • A stretchy clothesline!

HOT Awards & Qualifications

  • Cruise Sales International Association member since 2000.
  • A mix of bronze, silver and gold House of Travel awards.
  • NZQA National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

What I always take on holiday

  • An open mind!

Where I've Been


Favourite Holidays



When travelling to Myanmar (Burma) you need to go with an open mind.  You will encounter men wearing skirt-like longyi, women smothered in thanakha (traditional make-up) and betel-chewing grannies with mouths full of blood-red juice - and that's just at the airport!  In many ways there has been little change since British colonial times.  Turn back the clock to this time-warped country where people still use horse and cart to get around. This is a great chance to get back to and appreciate a simple way of life.

Fiji Captain Cook cruise

The Colonial Discovery cruise is a great way to see parts of Fiji rarely visited by tourists.  Visiting Levuka, the original captial of Fiji, was like stepping back to colonial times and, of course, I had to check out the oldest pub in Fiji!  Mokagai Island where we had an extremely interesting walking tour of the former leper colony that closed in 1969 and now hosts a clam farm. Further north to Vanua Levu and Taveuni plus time each day for snorkelling, paddle boarding or just chilling out.  Great food and lovely, happy crew.

Oregon, USA

What an amazing variety of things to see and do for anyone who loves the outdoors and locally sourced, fresh food and boutique breweries.

River Cruising in Europe

What a marvellous way to see Europe.  I loved that there was no packing and unpacking,  More relaxing and yet there was so much time to be doing things rather than sitting in a coach, car or train.  I loved being able to walk through the towns or hopping on a bike and exploring.  Travelling in the autumn was perfect - no crowds and the vineyards on the hillsides a showcase of beautiful colours.


Wow!  My small group tour with Peregrine was superb.  Our local guide was brilliant and we did things off the beaten track because of his contacts and knowledge.  Cycling from Hoi An, we stopped at a little lean-to shack to discover it was a tofu making operation.  Having dinner at a small restaurant where no other tourists were and the staff loved showing us how to eat the meal.

Anaheim, USA

To be on the plane to LA with my 9 year old nephew and be told "This is the best night of my life and then the next day at Disneyland "This is the best day of my life" makes it so much fun and rewarding travelling with kids. 

New England, USA

The north-east of the USA has spectacular scenery and the peak time to visit is in the fall (late September/early October).  I had a few years living in the area end didn't even mind using the leaf blower and raking up all the leaves at that time of year.  Beautiful old white churches, covered bridges, the magnificent summer homes around Newport, Ben & Jerry's icecream factory in Vermont and Hershey's chocolate factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where even the street lights look like a Hershey/s Chocolate Kiss!  Plus in Pennsylvania the huge Amish area - fascinating!

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