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Personal Details


Owner Operator

316C Hibiscus Coast Highway

Why ME?

I consider your holiday and planning to be the most important start to your holiday. Adding my experiences and ideas from our team enhance what you bring. Travel allows me to open eyes and hearts to the extraordinary and the delights of discovery

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  • Deco Cruise on the Pearl Deco Cruise on the Pearl
  • Chesky Kromlof Chesky Kromlof
  • Ovation of the Seas Ovation of the Seas

Useful Apps & Gadgets for Travel

  • House of Travel App - easy download and linked to your booking
  • Google Maps - saves arguments

HOT Awards & Qualifications

  • IATA Level 4
  • Finalist CLIA Large Cruise Outlet of the Year 2018
  • Silver CLIA Large Cruise Outlet of the Year NZ 2017
  • GOLD CLIA Large Cruise Outlet of the Year 2016

What I always take on holiday

  • A soft pair of walking shoes
  • A folding umbrella for shade in hot countries and rain in others
  • Sun block - ever the optimist!

Where I've Been


Favourite Holidays


Cruising the Islands of Tahiti

What a beautiful holiday - Dennis and I took a 7 night Windstar Cruise of the ASociety Archipelago Islands of Tahiti.  Cruising the islands is one of the best ways to see the beauty of the water and the surrounds. We were captured by the azure and tourquiose waters and the undisturbed natural beauty of the islands.  Photo opportunities everywhere.  Unpack once - the Cruise was on  a yacht  with 120 people -  perfect! I so recommend this and a 2 or 3 night stop at the end in lovely Moorea. 


I am fortunate to be invited  to visit every cruise ship over the Summer Cruise season so there isnt a ship I havent seen in Auckland over the last five years.

We pride ourselves in our office as being Cruise Specialist so that is essential to view the Cruise Ships to understand their differences.

I have personally cruised on the following holidays

Royal Carribean  - Legend of the Seas in the Med
Royal Carribean - Oasis of the Seas in Asia
Holland America - Noordam out of Auckland
Holland America - Ossterdam to Sydney

I have guided tours on the following cruises
Alaska - cruising  with Celebrity Century
Art Deco Cruising with P & O Pacific Pearl

River Cruising with Avalon

Have you considered River Cruising.  This winter Dennis and I took a group of lovely locals through Singapore to Paris and then on to Amsterdam to join Avalon Imagery and sailed on the 14 night cruise to Budapest.  Despite traveling to Europe many times entering the towns and cities through the Old town by river was a beautiful experience like no other.  Image getting to London by river boat up the Theme passing all the sites along the way and docking by Westminster bridge and walking into the square right by Westminter Cathederal - thats what it was like... exceptional ship - rooms - serivce - food and guides.  do it  - you wont regret it.

Where I have been in the last five years


Beijing - all the must do's including climbing the Great Wall 12 kms and 15 towers
Xian cycling the ancient walled city wall plus the Terracotta Warriors tour
Cheng du visitng two Panda reserves
Guilin - visiting mountain rice fields and the Drumm people
Li River  awesome vista - its Halong Bay on steriods
Yongshau - delightful rural river mountain lodge and incredible food
Shanghai - again the must dos plus plenty of local eateries , Peoples Park, the marriage market, crickets and grasshopper markets, Yu Gardens, buying silk bedspread the best in the world
Shuzou  the Venice of the East  

The beautiful Dordongue river region - Sarlat markets , the cave of 1000 Mamoths and villages like no other with French food to wet your lips and top it all off.

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