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Personal Details


Travel Consultant

Unit C
316 Hibiscus Coast Highway

Why ME?

Where on Earth do you still want to go?

  • An alaska cruise is on my bucket list
  • Small ship cruising in Central America
  • A Galapagos small ship cruise is a must at some stage

Where I've Been


Favourite Holidays


My passion for Africa

Africa is my all time favourite destination.  I have spent time in Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana and found the travel experience in these amazing places unforgettable.  It was an absolute privilege to be up close and personal to the wildlife and with the expertise of the guides I always felt safe.  They shared so much knowledge of the animals - their breeding, eating and day to day habits were fascinating as I learnt so much.  I stayed in the luxury camp sites all round - permanent tents with exotic bathrooms and decks for viewing.  The camps we stayed in were gorgeous too with early morning wake -ups and a warming hot drink and croissant to start the day, a return to a lavish lunch after a game drive and then an evening foray if you wanted. The food is always a feature of the game camps and the ambience a mix of colonial Africa and rustic charm.  I loved the uneexpected treats the staff prepared.  One day we were returning home after a drive to find a tree lit up with kerosine lamps and a bar out in the open as the sun was setting.  Another very hot day we found an icecream stall set up in the bush far away from the camp. I would go back many times and never tire of the beauty of this magnificent continent and its people.

Small ships in Tahiti

I have been to Tahiti 3 times and could go back tomorrow!  I cruised on a small ship which took us off the beaten track from BoraBora to Raiatea, Huahine and Tahaa.  The stunning misty mountain islands surrounded by glistening reefs were stunning.  We moored in the tiny villages and slept to the sound of the crashing waves on the outer reefs.  I particulary liked my morning swim off the back of the boat and the on deck BBQ's with the crew.  The people are so welcoming and happy to share their stories and history.  The small local villages we visited were like stepping back in time with an old style Pacific store which sold everything from sulus to flour and a pretty church.

Adventure Travel

My style of getting away for a real holiday is to seek something out of the ordinary.  I love the experience of discovering new cultures and of course small ship cruising as I can visit places rarely visited. Some of my most amazing experiences include land adventures too.
I have stayed in a longhouse in Borneo to see the Orangutans, cruised to see the Komodo Dragons in Indonesia,  visited the small villages and stunning beaches of the Yasawa Islands on a small ship and explored the Great Barrier Reef. I have swum with a humped back whale and her calf in the Vava'u Islands of Tonga and a Mantarays in Fiji. 

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