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Thanks for helping us be awarded Overall Best Performing House of Travel Outlet 2013, 2015 & 2016!

House of Travel Newmarket believes that our fresh and inspirational approach, is key to our continued success within the travel industry. The team have travelled extensively throughout the world and believe that it takes an experienced traveller to design an exceptional journey. We deliver a standard of service that you would expect from an agency that puts it clients needs first.

The HOT Newmarket team has a wealth of knowledge, with a combined total of over 150 years in the travel industry. We are all extremely passionate about travel and between us there isn’t too many places we haven’t been. The office has been recognised as an industry leader, receiving numerous House of Travel Awards. The pinnacle being awarded National Travel Industry Overall winners for - Best Retail Single location, Best Retail Manager and Best Retail Consultant.

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HOT ​Newmarket staff

Antony Myers
Senior Travel Consultant

I've been in travel for nearly 20 years, I've been lucky to travel to many different countries around the globe for both work and my own personal holidays. I would love to share my knowledge with you and together create a wonderful and amazing experience.

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Clare Jackson

Visited the pristine Is.of Tahiti and Maldives, cruised the Caribbean on Oceania, the Med on Seabourn, am in awe of the natural beauty of Iguazu Falls, but my favourites are Puglia, Taormina, Girona, Mdina & Moscow. To dos-Iceland, Slovakia/Slovenia!

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Erica Banks
Senior Consultant

Originally from the UK and with 20 years in the Travel Industry I have been lucky enough to travel to many wonderful places in the world - my favourite trips have all included seeing wildlife in their natural habitat.

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Fernando De Rito
Travel Consultant

I've been in travel for 20+ years, I've been very lucky to travel to many different destinations with South America and Africa being my favourite ones. From Machu Picchu to Aantarctica I have visited every corner of South America.

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Sarah Headifen
Manager HOT Ski

I come from a ski background having worked 10 back to back Winter seasons as an Area/Resort Manager for a UK ski operator, director of a Specialist Ski Company, Ski Consultant and nearly every possible ski related job from ski tech to ski guide.

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Tony Jackson
Senior Consultant

I have been in the Industry for over 20 years and still have a huge passion for travel. I have travelled extensively, in 2018 had 3 weeks in Italy and France - Malta was an absolute highlight! Just recently Chicago - including Chicago Bulls NBA Game!

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Amber King
Personal Travel Manager

I still love my job working in the travel industry as much today as when I first started way back when! I will listen & plan your holiday or work travel with you & then wave you off.

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Where have we been lately?


Visited the pristine Island of Bora Bora & one of the many in Maldives. Was impressed by Shanghai’s skyline, cruised the Caribbean on Oceania, in was awe of the natural beauty of Iguazu Falls.


I've been in travel for 20+ years, I've been very lucky to travel to many different destinations with South America and Africa being my favourite ones. From Machu Picchu to Antarctica I have visited every corner of South America. In the last couple of years at House of Travel Newmarket I have been lucky enough to visit Hawaii (Oahu and Big Island), Fiji (Denarau, Coral Coast & Mamanuca Islands), Vancouver, River Cruise in Europe along the Rhine & Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto).


Australia, Rarotonga, Vanuatu, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, Hong Kong, Thailand, Maldives, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, USA, Canada, Hawai`i, Argentina, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Egypt


Tahiti (Bora Bora), Las Vegas  and New York. Cruising the Caribbean with Oceania Cruises. HKG International Horse Races and HKG 7’s. Annual Bathurst Group. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Maldives and Dubai. Honolulu, Maui and Kona.

Africa:  South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt
Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, Borneo
Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Perth 
Canada : Vancouver incl Vancouver Island
Europe: UK, Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Croatia, France 
Middle East: Israel, Dubai 
South America: Chile, Peru, Argentina
South Pacific:  Tahiti – (Papeete, Moorea, Bora Bora, Taha’a), Fiji & the islands, Samoa, Vanuatu incl Tanna, Niue, Rarotonga & Aitutaki 
USA: Honolulu, Maui, New York, San Francisco, LA, Oregon
Cruise: Holland America Inaugral Cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam Venice to Croatia, P&O Pacific Pearl, Superstar Gemini in Asia, Captain Cook in Fiji, Island Passage in Tahiti
Hawaii, New York, Fiji and Samoa, India (Northern), Taiwan, Bora Bora, Raiatea, Tahaa, New Caledonia
Bianca Ratima
Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hawaii, Bali, India, Tahiti, Vietnam 

HOT Newmarket travel tips

> If flying economy class buy yourself noise cancelling headphones and always open your orange juice facing away from you ~ Paul 
> When travelling with a baby/toddler, it’s a great idea to give them some milk while taxing or taking off. This will help their ears from hurting and possibly send them to sleep for a few hours!! From experience this worked with my son! ~ Antony
> When travelling longhaul, take an empty plastic water bottle with you & ask the airline crew to fill it up once you’re on the plane as this will help combat dehydration & jetlag ~ Bianca
> A must visit is Bloody Mary's restaurant in Bora Bora ~ Fleur
> Always travel with a sarong - not just to the beach - as they have many uses including a “cover up” when visiting religious sites ~ Erica
> Stopping in the Dubai? Wanting a special treat? Don’t miss out on the desert dining experience offered at Al Hadheerah restaurant, Hotel Bab Al Shams – the 40 minute drive is so worth the ride! ~ Tony
When you arrive in a new city head straight to the postcard stand; this will tell you everything you need to see & do! ~ Amber 
> Always carry a Foreign Exchange Cheatsheet so you don’t get caught out by dodgy currency conversions in local markets ~ Erica
> Always pack layers so you are prepared for all weather conditions ~ Fernando
> Unless you know the country well, always book an arrival transfer so the taxi drivers do not earn their daily salary on your fare ride…unless you like a tour of the city on your way to your destination ~ Fernando
> No matter where you go – the two most important things to keep hold of is your passport and a Visa card – they can get you out of any situation ~ Tony

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We won Best Brand Retail-Single Location at the National Travel Industry Awards!


Top Ten Customer Service Outlet - 2018 
Overall Best Performing House of Travel Outlet - 2013, 2015 & 2016
Best Performing Large House of Travel Outlet - 2013 & 2015
Top HOT Product North Island Award
Top HOT Air North Island Award
Top Cathay Pacific Retail Award
Top Air New Zealand Retail Award
Top Emirates Retail Award
Top Singapore Airlines


Best Travel Consultant Retail - NTIA awards 2016 & 2018 – Tony Jackson
Top Retail Consultant Overall - Tony Jackson 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 & 2017
Legends Award - Tony Jackson
Top 12 Consultant  - 
Tony Jackson 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018
Amber King – 2006, 2009, 2010, 2015, 2016 & 2017
Erica Banks – 2005
Antony Myers - 2016
Gold Sales Award - Amber King, Antony Myers and Tony Jackson, Erica Banks
Silver Sales Award - Paul Herbert
Bronze Sales Award - Bianca Ratima
Insurance Awards - Erica Banks
HOT Customer Champion 2017 – Erica Banks

“Plan your departure flight to coincide with your hotel check out time. saves on waits at airports & late check out fees.”
 - Clare Jackson, HOT Newmarket Director

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