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Senior Travel Consultant

172 Kitchener Road


Why ME?

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Why Me

Senior Travel Consultant
It's true – once travel is in your blood, it's there to stay. I've worked in the industry for more than 20 years, and it still feels like a genuine privilege to be able to help my clients realise their dreams.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?
When we secure a great fare for someone on a multi-stop trip, that’s not even available online. I also love telling the hotel when our client is celebrating a special occasion!

What surprises clients about working with you?
How much documentation might be required, even for “just” a one-way journey; sometimes you do have to have the return details too. (Did I understand this correctly?) The fact that we can match - or beat - those publicly available airfares.

What is your favourite service offered by House of Travel Milford?
Being able to package up a cruise to make a personalised trip for the client. So, once you disembark the Princess in Alaska, you can take time to explore, and perhaps board smaller boats for greater access to stunning places of natural beauty, like “God’s Pocket”.

Where in the world is your favourite destination?
The Okavango Delta. It has an extraordinary vastness without fences or buildings. Standing on the deck of our lodge and watching the sun set over the water, the tranquillity was breathtaking.

What’s your favourite meal, and where?
Spaghetti carbonara (with a Peroni) in a village in Tuscany. (This is on my wish list!)

What two items do you always take on holiday with you?

A travel diary - never assume you’ll remember all those exceptional details. 
A real, proper camera. When you use it to take a photo it feels more special, as though you’re really capturing the essence of the moment, much more so than just using your phone.

Peru & the Inca Trail - Oct 2015

My first organised Tour. How wonderful that everything was taken care of.  i just enjoyed the ride !! it was a small group, maximum of twelve although at the most we have 10 people at one given time.  We all have made some memorable friends. This tour was a 21 day highlights of Peru. The whole trip was a highlight starting in Lima, a few days in the Amazon Jungle, along to Cusco acclimatizing to the altitude in preparation for the 4 Day Inca Trail.  Once successfully completing the biggest physical achievement in my life, we continued to the Colca Canyon to see the condors, Puno and Lake Titicaca, The Reed Island and staying with a local family,  We then headed to Huacachina, an Oasis in the desert, Nazca Lines and to the Ballestas Island (a very mini Galapagos) and back to Lima.  

Road Trip Boston New York to Washington via East Canada - October 2016

We started our trip in Boston and after a few days there picked up our car and headed out of the bright lights through the most amazing Autumn colours to the White Mountains which is a destination in itself. There are endless activities and national parks to explore. We travelled up as far as Quebec and then started heading down through Montreal, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Armish Country to Washington where we handed our car back. We then hopped on to the local Greyhound bus to New York where we stayed for a few days before heading home.  An amazing way to see this part of the world but two weeks - there is so much to see and door, two weeks is just not long enough. 

West Coast of South Island, NZ = Dec 2016

Still feeling like a tourist in our own country, I finally got to see the West Coast of South Island !! We based ourselves in Hokitika and went exploring as far down as the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers and as far up north as Westport with all the beautiful lakes,  Punakaki and gorges in between. What a scenic country we live in !!

Hawaii - April 2017

We have a wonderful two week trip in Hawaii visiting the islands of Kauai, Big Island, Maui and Oahu.  Each island offers it's own beauty and attractions. We had an action packed holiday which included scenic flights, beautiful scenic walks, downhill bike rides, live volcanoes with bright orange molten lava lakes and spewing into the ocean.  Some death defying road trips and very entertaining local bus trips.

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