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Personal Details


Corporate Travel Manager


172 Kitchener Road


Why ME?

Community & Charity Events

  • Hospice

HOT Awards & Qualifications

  • TAANZ National Certificate In Travel Level 4
  • House of Travel Bronze, Silver & Gold Sales Awards

Where I've Been


Favourite Holidays


Why Me

Corporate Travel Manager
My passion for travel started years before I joined House of Travel Milford in 2003, when I was a corporate consultant. I understand the demands and complexities of business travel, and the specialist service and commitment that my valued clients require.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?

Happy clients, who choose me to help them repeatedly. Time is the most important aspect of a business trip, and it feels great to know I've created a most efficient schedule that suits their needs and their budget.

What surprises clients about working with you?
This is a high-touch, personal service with 24-7 availability. I work with EAs, PAs and the clients themselves, and I can be reached at any time if changes need to be made. (For example: if a meeting finishes early and they’d like to reschedule their return flight.)

What is your favourite service offered by House of Travel Milford?
We’re not an anonymous, online machine. We care about our travellers; I could tell you where any of my clients are right now. The service I provide takes cost savings, insurance and reporting into account.
Where in the world is your favourite destination?
The Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, it’s stunning. And, Hawaii, obviously! 
What’s your favourite meal, and where?
Dinner in Croatia with my husband. Fresh fish cooked on an open fire, overlooking the shimmering waters. 

What two items do you always take on holiday with you?
Hair straighteners with a travel adaptor, and my Kindle (pre-loaded with a good thriller, like Jack Reacher)

What’s your top “travel insider” tip?
Don’t overpack; only take what’s necessary. Keep a change of underwear in your hand luggage. Ladies, take a sarong - because it’s great to wrap around whether you’re hot or cold.

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