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House of Travel suggests that you give plenty of thought to and work out a budget for the money you will need for your holiday or business trip.  We recommend you do not carry large amounts of cash with you. There are options for your travel money needs including the Multi-currency Cash Passport™, credit cards, cash and travellers’ cheques.

House of Travel recommends the MasterCard® Multi-currency Cash Passport™.
It is: SECURE, CONVENIENT, RELOADABLE and can be used as a Point of Sale card.

Cash Passport One Card

The Multi-currency Cash Passport™ is a prepaid travel money card available in NINE (9) foreign currencies. By using a Multi-currency Cash Passport™ you have a choice of New Zealand dollars, Australian dollars, Euros, US dollars, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, Canadian dollars, Hong Kong dollars and Singapore dollars all loaded on ONE prepaid travel card.

Your Multi-currency Cash Passport™ is a convenient way for you to take multiple currencies in spending money overseas, enabling you to easily manage your money while away from home. You can use it online or pay directly for goods and services at millions of shops, restaurants, hotels that accept MasterCard® worldwide or withdraw local currency from any 1.9m ATMs displaying the MasterCard® acceptance mark.

Here’s how it works. Call into any House of Travel store and they can provide you with a Multi-currency Cash Passport™ card and help you load the card in New Zealand dollars Δ. You determine the currencies and sum in each currency you require. Your New Zealand dollars are then converted into the selected foreign currencies at the foreign currency exchange rates applicable at the time of loading. This way you lock in the foreign currency exchange rate and know the exact amount of foreign currency you have to spend in that country.


You receive two Multi-currency Cash Passport™ cards, the second one being free. This means if you lose one card or if it is stolen the second card still operate the account. You also have access to the 24/7 Cash Passport Global Emergency Assistance Desk which among other things can arrange for emergency funds (up to the available balance of your account) to be sent to you in the case of lost or stolen card(s). Lost or stolen cards are replaced free of charge.

Each Multi-currency Cash Passport™ card has a unique Chip and PIN and has a signature panel. The card is not linked to your personal bank accounts. House of Travel has tips on keeping PINS secure. If you forget the card issued/generated PIN you can call the 24/7 Global Emergency Assistance line for help. Please note that ATM withdrawals will always require a PIN.


Your Multi-currency Cash Passport™ can be reloaded as many times as you want during the life of the card, within acceptable limits so you can keep your card for the next time you travel. Reload options include in-store with House of Travel, online or telephone banking. The Multi-currency Cash Passport™ can be reloaded back home by family friends or business associates. The Card can be cashed out⌂ at the end of the holiday or business trip.


Signed Application Forms must be completed including ID proof before the card can be issued. Payment can be made by EFT or cheque, payment by cash is not accepted. Multi-currency Cash Passports™ can only be supplied to holders of valid New Zealand or Australian Passports or holders of valid New Zealand or Australian Driver Licences or holders of a New Zealand Firearms licence. Transaction Fees and Limits apply.

Please ask House of Travel for details and the Multi-currency Cash Passport™ brochure which contains the Application Form, all details on the loading and transaction fees, loading limits, currency default sequence and full Terms & Conditions.

Note: Loading fees apply when the card is first loaded and when reloaded see the Multi-currency Cash Passport™ brochure for details.
⌂Cash out fee applies.

A currency conversion fee applies when the card is used for a transaction in any currency for which there are insufficient funds in that currency on the card. For example if you do not have enough pounds on your card to complete a purchase in Britain.

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