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Stay dreaming … Cruise

The question on everyone’s lips is “When will we be able to cruise again?” We know it could look very different to how it did before, but we can still stay dreaming for that time onboard our favourite ships and the chance to get out and once more explore the world by sea.

With all the world’s cruise lines currently taking a pause, we have summarised for you when the Ocean cruise lines tentatively expect to return to sailing. This is not a comprehensive list of all Ocean cruise lines, it is based on the most popular cruise lines booked for Kiwis. All information is subject to change and should be used as a guide only.

We appreciate these dates are speculative at this stage, as there are so many other determining factors that will need to be in place.. Until the time comes when you are ready to cruise again, stay dreaming … 


Cruise Line Updates

  • MSC

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