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Why you'll love your ​​UK holiday.

It’s a confusing old land, the Great British isles. Apparently they speak the same language as us (that’d be English) but walk into any pub and we beg to differ. They’re probably saying hello, but in what accent is anyone’s guess. Then there’s the food which also needs an entire dictionary unto itself. Bubble and squeak anyone? How about some Welsh rarebit, or something about a toad stuck in a hole? It’s all a mind-boggling culinary adventure. And the madness doesn't stop on your dinner plate. Oh no. There's an annual cheese rolling competition in the south and yes, the Dorset Knob Throwing Contest is a thing.

In Devon, they like to charm worms. Don't question it; simply embrace it.  Of course, in a country where the weather’s never dependable (but FYI there's more annual rainfall in NZ) everyone goes shopping. And boy do they facilitate the need to shop well. What’s more, it's cheap too. Still paying $200 for your Nikes? Wake up and smell the $70 kicks. And then there’s the delectable coffee. No we jest, it's terrible. The UK is quite possibly the only place on earth, where, when in doubt - nip into Starbucks.

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