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Russia the the Baltics holidays

In the lands of Russia and the Baltics you will experience ultra-diversity, a juxtaposition between the biggest country in the world vs The Baltic state a compact region of 3 nations. The one thing they have in common is the enchanting, magical fairy tale like experiences. From war stories to super nature, Russia and the Baltics always has magic in the air.

As the world’s largest country, Russia is a quintessential land of everything, from artistic riches and history, Russia ranges from iconic historical cities ​like Moscow to quaint peaceful countryside locations. Take an epic train ride across, around and between all of mother Russia has to offer, from its grandeur cities exhibiting Kievan state architecture to all the smaller cities with charming rough edges.

In the Baltics the charming rough edges rein the region, realm decay of once high standing castles, golden dunes, enchanting forests and magical lakes which fairy tales are made of. The small yet diverse region composed of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania compacts in to the land with 3 very distinctively different cultures. 


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Map of ​Russia & The Baltics

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