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East European Holidays

Eastern Europe satiates travellers with cultural explosion, boasting exhilarating landscapes, roistering traditional and contemporary tapestry art and architecture. There is everything you can ask for, a lighter on your wallet adventure than the rest of Europe, with effortless elegance in the main cities such as, Budapest and Prague. Experience fine arts and folk music.

Sun soaked beaches, boasting mountain ranges, all facilitated throughout Eastern Europe. Find yourself in Hungary’s Lake Balaton, tramp across Albania’s Accursed Mountains or Transylvania’s crisscrossing ranges. Be exhilarated by exploring Eastern Europe’s great outdoors.

Step back in time to see the echoes of Eastern Europe’s revolutions, be astounded by St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square, and find the pillars of contemporary Easter Europe as you travel across boarders unearthing ancient ruins beneath modern buildings and metro systems in the infrastructure. 

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