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UK & Europe - get the lowdown

UK & Europe
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UK & Europe - get the lowdown


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Europe, by any standards, is an international hit. Renowned for its diverse patchwork of history, culture and staggering beauty, it’s a continent of architecture and artists, culture, quirks and cuisine. Everything about Europe is eclectic. Vineyards roll into villages and cutting-edge cities share their borders with century-old castles. Wine varietals are as vast as the vineyards where they thrive, from Riesling on the Rhone to a sparkling region by the name of Champagne, this is the wine capital of the world. European cuisine has been unmatched since, well forever, and the aesthetics are equally delicious. Shaped by masters such as Gaudi and Michelangelo, as well as the Romans, the Greeks and their numerous gods, the artwork is indisputably impressive. A continent of confidence, Europe is a crowd-pleaser and an undisputed head-turner. 

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