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California holidays

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​All roads lead to California 

California. It’s all wannabe starlets and cosmetic surgery, right? Wrong. For every fledgling (or failing) superstar there’s a corner of California that will surprise and delight. With sun-kissed vineyards stretching from Napa to Sonoma, and the dazzling beaches of San Diego, there are golden bridges and golden shorelines, Anaheim attractions and sexy cities with a cult-like following - who knew this little diva could be so diverse?

With oceans, canyons, balmy nights and barmy people (shout out to the locals of Venice Beach) you’ll want to commandeer a Cadillac and drive off into the sunset. You’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. This is the land of road trips and grand slammin’ good times, and when it comes to a mile-a-minute holiday, you just hit the US jackpot.

Map of California