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Explore British Columbia, where rugged nature meets vibrant culture.

Oh boy oh boy, British Columbia!

And you thought New Zealand was a beaute. Which of course, we are, but if anyone's going to give Aotearoa a run for her money, it's Canada. Specifically, British Columbia.

This one’s got game. From vast wilderness to almighty mountains, British Columbia dishes up the jaw-dropping vistas like it's no big deal. A hiker's dream landscape, the terrain ranges from forest to river to coastline. And we haven't even mentioned The Rockies yet. Which we might add, look spectacular from Canada’s lauded rail service: Rocky Mountaineer. Maybe you want to see impossibly blue lakes and dramatic mountains dipped in snow? Easy, The Rockies have several. How about wildlife that will leave you astounded, if not a little jittery? Welcome to grizzly bear territory, along with moose, birdlife, and if you time it right, breath-taking killer whales.

Then there’s cosmopolitan Vancouver where you can load up on poutine and consider your next adventure into the white slides of Whistler. British Columbia’s the adventure capital for powder hounds, its slopes providing the ultimate paradise for snow lovers.

Phew. What an over achiever! Is British Columbia an unbeatable holiday destination? It’s very likely. Go and find out for yourself!     

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