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By Anna Sarjeant

If you really want to know why it's beneficial to fly long haul with Qantas, allow us to begin our introduction by telling you that Qantas has held the title ​of world's safest airline since 2013.

Job done. That's reason enough to fly Qantas, right?

Okay, okay, perhaps you need a few more reasons to sway you in the direction of Qantas, and that’s fine, because we have plenty.


1. Safety first
Wait, we’re not done with this topic.

Over a 96-year history, Qantas has amassed quite the reputation for safety, as well as an impressive record of “firsts” in aviation safety. Well regarded as one of the world’s most experienced airlines, it’s safe to say (badum tish), you’re in very capable hands.


2. An award-winning service
If Qantas had a mantelpiece it would be warping under the weight of all its many prestigious awards. For anyone who has flown Qantas before, this won't come as a surprise. For everyone else, it pays to find out why these guys possess so many accolades in their arsenal. From repeatedly winning Australasia's Leading Airline award, to Best Airline Asia Pacific at the 2013 Skytrax World Airline Awards, proof that Qantas deliver a premium service is all in the awards’ cabinet.  


3. On-board entertainment
With Qantas, in-flight entertainment is as extensive as the land mass their flights cover. Take a deep breath because this is a long one…

The on-demand in-flight entertainment system for long haul flights incorporates more than 1500 options, including up to 100 of the latest movies, more than 500 television programmes, 1000 music options, a selection of audio books, 20 radio channels and 80 games. Phew. Oh and we’re not done. Passengers also have access to Qantas’ exclusive Lonely Planet interactive ​travel guides so you can get clued-up on your destination. ​For restless tykes, there’s a dedicated Kids Zone and boredom busting children's packs. 


4. Every available class
Qantas boast International First, International Business, International Premium Economy and International Economy on all their long haul flights. Four cabins, all offering supreme comfort for your requirements (and let’s not lie, your preferred budget too).


5. Generous luggage allowance
Few people know just how generous Qantas are with their international luggage allowance:


6. Top notch cuisine
With long haul economy, you’ll be served delicious international dishes – including healthier options – served on stylish Marc Newson-designed tableware. Of course the premium (and complimentary) Australian wine is free-flowing as well as award-winning (surprise surprise - another one for that mantelpiece!) If you have dietary requirements, no problem. One whizz over Skytrax and you can’t help but notice past flyers raving about Qantas’ gluten free meals. The chocolate brownie sounds like a winner. This, along with all other foodie requests, are always honoured by Qantas - just remember to lodge your requests before departure. And if you snooze through dinner service, starvation isn’t a concern; self-service snack bars are located throughout the cabin, or simply ding your ​flight attendant and shout out for an ice-cream.


7. Exceptional cabin crew
Always exceptional and very professional, if you’re a Qantas​ flight attendant, ‘attentive’ is your middle name. With a keen ear for grumbly bellies, or so it would seem every time they appear - almost on cue - with a snack bar. They also possess a soothing coo for unsettled babies and reassurance for nervous travellers; basically they’re a dab hand at all things cabin comfort. Forever patient and always kind, they’re efficient with the food service, friendly with all mid-flight questions or qualms, and last (but certainly not least) they remain cheerful throughout. And everyone appreciates a little jolliness at 40 thousand feet.


8. Pick your own seat
Unless you like to “fly by the seat of one’s pants” (full pun intended – and thank you for the applause) don’t risk the dreaded seat roulette. Select your preferred Qantas seat in advance. Standard seat selection is complimentary for customers who are travelling internationally in First, Business or Premium Economy cabins, as well as in Economy on a Saver or Flex fare.


9. And on that note…
Qantas allows for all sorts of time-saving actions up front. If you’re flying in International Business or International Premium Economy, you can also pre-book your food using the Select on their Q-Eat website option. International economy can also check in online before arrival at the airport (just make sure it’s between 24 and two hours before your flight’s departure). Simply request your seat and print your boarding pass. At many airports you can now go directly to the Online Check-in counter and drop off your luggage off. Easy.

10.Shiny new aircraft
Many of Qantas’ long haul airplanes are A380s or Dreamliners. In other words, the crème de la crème of aviation. Modern aircraft with premium comfort and plenty of in-cabin space (regular exercises are important so bend, flex and stretch away… downward dog here we come!) Exactly what you need for long jaunts gallivanting the globe.


11. Partner airlines
Qantas buddy-up with over 50 partner airlines, which means you get an extensive flight network covering more than 1200 worldwide destinations. So where do you want to go? Because we’re very confident Qantas can get you there.  


12. Loyalty gets you rewards
With the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, you can earn Qantas Points almost everywhere you go, and use them ​for rewards. You can earn Qantas Points when you fly Qantas ​as well as any of their partner airlines. And here’s a little secret for you... For a limited time, you can join for free. You have until 31 December 2017 to join for zero dollars. Do terms and conditions apply you ask. Of course. Check out all the finer details here.  


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