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By Anna Sarjeant

Holidays are now 100% hassle-free. And that’s because they go by the name of an Avalon River Cruise.

If you want to take your travels to the next level of relaxation, this is what you need to know. 

If you hate: Packing, unpacking, re-packing…

Then you’ll love:
Unpacking just the once on a river cruise.

It’s not often you can explore multiple destinations and only have to unpack once, as this would usually require several hotels and thus, several attempts at closing your suitcase. But on a river cruise, you simply throw all your luggage in the wardrobe and pop your case under the bed. Well out of sight until your final day.  


If you hate: Deciding between one destination and another.

Then you’ll love:
Avalon’s delivery of multiple destinations in a single holiday.

Sometimes it’s hard to encompass all the places you want to see into a realistic time frame. But with an Avalon river cruise, you’ll quite often sail at night – or through it. Which means you actually utilise every moment of your time. Most holidays don’t allow you to cover ground while you’re dining or sleeping, but with a river cruise, you’re constantly making progress. As a result, no time is wasted, and you get to pack multiple destinations into a single holiday. 

If you hate: Arguments over Sat Nav directions, organising taxis, hotel bookings, airport transfers and border crossings.    

Then you’ll love:
The Avalon itinerary, which is all done for you.
Well before you even leave the comfort of your home, Avalon have finalised your itinerary. From airport transfers to hotels, daily excursions, meals and all methods of transport, all you need to do is turn up.


If you hate: Manic airports, busy train stations, honking traffic and exasperating motorway driving.

Then you’ll love:
Stress free ports.
Let your Avalon Captain navigate you from A to B – painlessly. Sometimes that might even mean you wake up the next morning in a brand new destination. Simply stroll off the gangway and hey presto, you’re exactly where you need to be. 

If you hate: Laborious journeys getting from one holiday destination to the next.

Then you’ll love:
On-board an Avalon cruise, the journey is just as enjoyable as the destination.

And that’s because the journey is a water-based luxurious one. With stunning scenery and vistas that change with every nautical knot. A river cruise grants you the freedom to sit back and soak up the passing panorama while someone else does all the navigational work. The only worry you have, is whether you’re in a G&T mood, or a vodka and dry... Ponder that while you relax atop the sun deck, while waving at passing locals. 

If you hate: Cooking for yourself.

Then you’ll love: Indulgent food and wine prepared by Avalon chefs.

“Oh I’m not having the five courses tonight, I couldn’t possibly!”

Is what you’ll be saying around 2pm on day three of your Avalon river cruise. Come 7pm, you’ll have already devoured three bread rolls. There is no resisting Avalon’s indulgent food and wine. Whether you’re passing through gastronomic France or clipping the rice paddies of the Vietnamese countryside, delicious produce abounds. And boy do the chefs know what they’re doing with it. From fresh bread (baked daily) to local specialities and more wine than you could throw a Frenchman at, if you’ve got taste buds, you’re going to flavour heaven.   

If you hate: The confines of a hotel room.

Then you’ll love:
Avalon’s on-board environment.

Why? Because it’s designed with total relaxation in mind. With lounges to lounge in and sun decks to sunbathe across. There’s every opportunity to switch off and chill out. Choose a spa treatment, or have your tresses styled at the on-board salon; most ships have whirlpools and fitness facilities if you’re that way inclined. Then there are the self-serve beverage stations with complimentary hot drinks and a jar full of cookies. Or perhaps you’ll just curl up on your bed and watch the world go by.


If you hate: A lacklustre holiday brain – sun, sea, sand and zero stimulation.

Then you’ll love:
How educated you’ll feel after an Avalon river cruise.
Every day offers a fascinating insight into a culture you’ll suddenly realise you knew nothing about. As well as daily excursions with tour guides so knowledgeable, good luck finding a question which flummoxes them! Your Cruise Director also provides thorough introductions to every destination you dock at. Certain itineraries (such as The D Day Landings and Normandy Beaches) offer on-board lectures from experts in their fields, so get set for further expanding that big brain of yours.

If you hate: Visiting new destinations and never really knocking what makes them tick.  

Then you’ll love:
Avalon’s tour guides.
Hand-picked, enthusiastic and usually residents of the countries you visit, Avalon tour guides are passionate about the places they take you. Like walking encyclopaedias, their knowledge is extensive and their energy relentless. You will learn everything from history to culture, as well as insider’s tips and invaluable local insights.


If you hate: Lengthy commutes and getting lost.

Then you’ll love:
Being able to walk from the Avalon ship directly into town.

It is the beauty of most ports (especially those where smaller ships such as the Avalon fleet can dock) that they are frequently positioned in the heart of a city or town. Meaning you can more often than not, roll out of bed and straight into all of the local attractions.

If you hate: Feeling forgotten.

Then you’ll love:
Avalon’s high crew to guest ratio.

The crew on-board all of Avalon’s ships will welcome you wholeheartedly the moment you step aboard… and every time you step aboard. They’ll know your name within the first thirty minutes, and all of your preferences by nightfall. From dining requirements to mobility needs, they’re on-hand to make every minute of your Avalon experience an effortless one. As well as an enjoyable one. With such high numbers of staff to a low number of guests, you’ll receive unprecedented levels of service - and a crew rapport that you’ll really treasure. 


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