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Where should I go in North America?

By ​Tom Ricketts ​- House of Travel

1. F​or big city lights

New York, New York
Be wowed by the impressive skyline featuring such world famous names as the Empire State Building, the UN Headquarters, the Chrysler Building, One World Trade Centre, and the Flatiron Building to name a few. Explore world famous attractions like Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and the Guggenheim. See shows or sports events on Broadway, at Flushing Meadows, or Madison Square Garden. Shop the iconic department stores of Macy’s, Barney’s, and Bloomingdale’s. Walk down Fifth Avenue, Wall Street, or across the Brooklyn Bridge. There really is no other place on the planet like New York, and everyone should visit at least once. The only question is, for how long?!

HOT tip: When you need to tell everyone on Facebook about how much of a good time you’re having (with accompanying photos), go to the park. Many of New York’s public parks have free WiFi!

New York Skyline

2. For the great outdoors

Vancouver, British Columbia
If you like to get out into nature, Vancouver is for you. On her doorstep is Whistler, the main hosting site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Obviously, it has winter down-pat with world class ski facilities, but in the summer the town is a magnet too, for hikers, mountain bikers, and wildlife spotters who come to see moose, beavers and most importantly, bears. After a day out adventuring, relax with a few of Vancouver’s finest at the riverside Granville Island Brewery for the best people watching. If you really want to get remote, jump aboard a seaplane and fly north to one of the remote waterside lodges for fishing, wildlife spotting, or just peace and quiet.

HOT tip: 
In the blissfully isolated Inside Passage is Spirit Bear Lodge, the only place in the world you can view Spirit Bears, a fully white bear (no, not albino and not Polar Bears).

Canada Great Outdoors

3. F​or the party 

Las Vegas, Nevada
It’s loud, noisy, and a little bit tipsy; but proud of it. Vegas is where you want to go if you’re looking to party. Of course, gambling made Vegas, but it’s not all about that anymore. The city is unashamedly over-the-top, they have replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the great pyramids, and even the city of Venice. Performers such as Celine Dion, David Copperfield, and Cirque du Soleil play permanent shows. There’s nightclubs atop skyscrapers, bars adorned with bottles of Cristal from floor to ceiling, and pool party’s so popular that even Prince Harry attends.

HOT tip: If you’re not already a card shark, don’t fear, many casinos offer free table game lessons on weekday afternoons.

Las Vegas

4. For family fun

Los Angeles, California
We say ‘family’, but you parents amongst us know it’s really all about the kids eh? Or at least, wearing them out so you can get that precious time to yourselves while they’re asleep. And there’s no better place to do it than Los Angeles. Of course, the main attraction is Disneyland, ‘Happiest Place on Earth’, but there’s so much more. How about Universal Studio’s, Knotts Berry Farm, and even Six Flags for the older kids? Then there’s the plethora of shopping, great weather, beaches, and celebrity spotting in Tinseltown.
HOT tip: When it's time to get out of the big city, catch a ferry out to Catalina Island, a small island off the coast of LA with just 3000 residents living in beautiful old cottages and driving about the island in mini's and golf carts.

Los Angeles Beach

5. F​or beaches

Hawaiian Islands
The great thing about Hawaii is the choice. You can have your highrise mid-city penthouse overlooking famous Waikiki, or a modest bungalow on a remote and isolated beach. Or even better, do both! Start off in the thick of things with a few nights in Honolulu. Do some shopping, go see Pearl Harbour, and learn about the island chains unique culture. Then hop on a quick flight to one of the other five islands for some real beach time. No highrises, no pool parties, no noise, just plenty of peace and relaxation at your pick of the luxury resorts.

HOT tip: Oahu has Honolulu, and each of the other five islands have a unique attraction of their own. Kaua’i has dramatic rainforest clad peaks hiding miles of hiking tracks; Molokai is like the island time forgot with traditional Hawaiian culture and friendly locals; Maui's Hana Road is fantastic for self drivers; Lanai is famed for its exclusive luxury resorts; and Hawai’i Island with her constantly active volcano spilling boiling lava down her slopes daily.


6. F​or the solo traveller

San Francisco, California
Plenty of vibrant neighbourhoods, miles of public parks and outdoor attractions, a safe central city, and relatively cheap accommodations, all make San Francisco and ideal destination for solo travellers. You can walk or cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge at your leisure, pop into a cheap restaurant and watch the busy Chinatown crowd go about its day, or view the art in silence at one of the many fantastic San Francisco galleries. Want to meet someone? Join a small group tour of Alcatraz, chat to locals aboard the public ferries that criss-cross the bay, or share a communal table and chow down on top quality seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf.

HOT tip: 
When eating or drinking alone, have a seat at the bar where you’re more likely to meet other singles, or at least be entertained by the barman.

San Francisco

And now you know where you want to go in North America, let's hook you up with a really good deal in the USA and Canada.  

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