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By Anna Sarjeant

Kiwis love to travel. But it’s fair to say, wherever you are in the world, you always need a good bed to rest your head. 

You might be a traditionalist with a penchant for a hotel, or a lover of all things ​cottage. You might want the freedom of self-catering, or the luxury of a five star suite; whatever your preference, we have all kinds of accommodation options. There are hundreds of properties in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales to choose from, ranging from private country homes and manor houses, to boutique inns and even castles​.

...What’s your bedroom style?



1. Hotel
For the holiday-maker who doesn’t want to lift a finger. And why should you? Traditional and serviced, if you want the very definition of ‘relaxed break’, where everything is done for you, booking a hotel is definitely the way to go. Serviced daily, you’ll return to a sparkling bathroom, fluffy towels, a made bed and if you’ve gone for something a bit swish, a chocolate on your pillow. Some hotels are facilitated with a restaurant, bar, pool or gym, and because there’s such a huge variety of price and standards/star-rating, you’ll easily find the right hotel to suit your needs. Plus we’re ​here to lead you in the right direction, so voilà – hotels made easy.

HOT tip: If you’re on a self-drive, don’t forget to ask about parking options.


2. Apartment
You want more independence with some of your favourite home comforts to get you through – oven, dishwasher, a fridge and freezer. A washing machine… hmm, not so much. Apartments are fully equipped with facilities such as a kitchen, laundry and more space. They’re usually located in the heart of the neighbourhood so you can choose to eat out at local restaurants or visit the market for some fresh produce before a relaxing night in. Perfect for longer stays but also ideal for families and groups of friends who want a little extra privacy and above all, more room.

HOT tip: Keep an eye out for Marks & Spencer's seasonal Dine in for Two for £10. You can bag a main, side and dessert all for a tenner - plus a bottle of European wine. Countdown this is not, premium dinners include 21-day matured Sirloin steaks, smoked sea bass and Scottish salmon fillets. You​r dessert will also be decadent. All this for $20.


3. Bed & Breakfast
Potentially two of your favourite things – a big bed and an even bigger breakfast. And in the UK, you’ll probably wake up to wafts of crispy bacon frying on the Aga. You’re in the realm of the full English Breakfast now, so load up on hash browns, fried eggs, black pudding and Daddies’ sauce…Come again? Daddies is a brand of British brown sauce and you don't eat a sausage without it.

We digress.

If you’re travelling to the UK you’ll no doubt be visiting one or more of the big cities like London, Cardiff or Edinburgh, but don’t forget to stop off and explore all the bits n’ bobs in between. The towns and country villages that litter this amazing nation. Throughout England, Scotland and Wales you’ll find a huge choice of private homes, guesthouses and farm stays where you can experience a cosy B&B stay – and genuine hospitality.

HOT tip: Need a post brekky coffee? Good luck. The Brits are getting better but it’s a work in progress. Chain coffee shops aren't sniffed at quite as much as they are in NZ. Duck into Costa, Cafe Nero, Pret a Manger and (at a push) Starbucks for a semi-decent flat white


Villas & Cottages

Renting a house or cottage can be one of the most charming ways to enjoy your time in the UK. These types of holidays are great for people who like to take each day as it comes; staying put for a week or two at a time and living like a local. Visit markets and mix with the residents, meander from sight to sight and explore nearby towns and villages.

HOT tip: Don't forget to ​pick up some milk before you arrive. If you're going to Britain you might as well act British. And what's the first thing you're going to need in your new home? Why, a cup of tea of course!



5. Manor Houses
Coax out your inner nobleman (or noble lady) and stay somewhere that requires a tweed pant and smoking jacket ensemble. If you’ve always admired the grandeur of stately homes or the rustic charm of country houses that are dotted across the English, Irish and Scottish countryside, many of these places have been transformed into their own unique style of luxurious accommodation, and are ideal for an indulgent treat. Think Downton Abbey and then insert yourself in the library, next to the roaring open fireplace and smoking a pipe. 

…We always thought you looked more like a squire anyway.

HOT tip: Many of these truly beautiful places also pride themselves on their gourmet cuisine, using fresh seasonal produce sourced locally.

UK Manor House

6. Castles
Ever wondered about what historical moments the castle walls have witnessed? Or who has trodden the floorboards for the past six centuries? Fabulous buildings seem to have been standing forever in the UK. Each castle has its own distinct character suited to its surroundings - ready to fascinate you with a dungeon or well stocked library, magnificent medieval architecture and wonderful warm welcomes.

Yes, castle sounds good. One castle please!...

HOT tip: Pack a few warm woolies. It doesn't matter what time of year you visit, if you're staying in huge stone castles built centuries prior, expect a few drafts. 

Lake Vrnwy

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