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Samoa's your one-stop destination for keeping the entire family entertained. Hear that, mum?

Holy moly it's a holiday miracle!

Get your suitcases ready and enjoy some quality family time in Samoa. This tropical Pacific island goes all-out on a wide range of family-friendly activities.

In Samoan, the word for family is 'aiga'. This special word refers to not only your immediate family, but also entire clans and communities, in keeping with the warm, welcoming vibe of Samoan culture. This slice of paradise is a great place to whisk the kids away on school holidays, replete with a wide range of family-friendly activities. Get your suitcases ready and enjoy some quality family time in Samoa!


1. Swim with the turtles in the village of Sato'alepai, Savai'i
Gentle and sweet, sea turtles have swum through the world's oceans for over a 100 million years, according to World Wildlife Fund. In Sato'alepai, shallow ponds and pools allow visitors to touch these marine marvels and swim alongside them. Get up close and personal with these majestic creatures, and be sure to pack an underwater camera to record these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Conservation is a key concern here, so your kids can learn about sea turtles as they share the waves with them, making education fun and exciting even on holiday.


Yell 'woah' at the power of the waves in the Alofaaga Blowholes

On southwestern Savai'i, a village named Taga is home to some of the most incredible blowholes in the Pacific, sure to take your breath away as you admire the sheer force of Mother Nature. The waves near the Alofaaga Blowholes send a jet of water roaring into the sky, often impressively high, soaring hundreds of feet above the water's surface. The kids will delight over displays from locals as they throw sturdy coconuts into the water, and yet these tough nuts disintegrate as they are blasted to smithereens by the force of the water.

If you want to teach the kids a little about the mythical legends of Samoa, ask the locals to guide you to the blowholes in Pa Sopo'ia Cave. According to Samoan legends, this cave is the ancient pathway through which their ancestors' spirits ventured to Cape Mulinu'u. It is believed Cape Mulinu'u is the final destination and meeting place before they could be welcomed into Pulotu, the spirit world.

3. Say Talofa lava to lava fields
The Sale'aula lava field is a must-visit destination in Samoa. Waling along the charred rock is a constant reminder of Mother Nature's incredible power. In 1905, there was a tremendous eruption from the Mount Matavanu volcano that left five villages buried under layers of molten lava. To this day, you can see half-buried churches and other tell-tale signs of this historic eruption such as lava mounds in the form of imprints of trees. A major landmark here is the Virgin's Grave, sign-posted in white lettering, set against colourful plants and shrubbery as people go to pay their respects and contemplate at this sacred site. Another key place to visit in these lava fields is the LMS Church, where stone cloisters and arches eerily jut outward from the hardened lava below them. You can walk under these arches and into the church, carefully walking over curved mounds of coal-like lava. It's an awe-inspiring sight sure to inspire the kids, as well as an opportunity to teach them about science and volcanic activity.

4. Dance together at a Fiafia night
Help the kids learn about Samoan culture, or Fa'a Samoa, by taking them along to a Fiafia night. Let the power of dance and the art of story telling through movement take them on a journey they will never forget. At the end of these evenings, the traditional Samoan dancers and performers usually open up the floor and invite guests to join them for the Taualuga, the final dance. Dancing under the stars on a balmy evening with the whole family is sure to be a memory to last for a lifetime. Get your suitcases ready and enjoy some quality family time in Samoa! This tropical Pacific island is replete with a wide range of family-friendly activities.


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