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How to pack for a cruise


How to pack for a cruise

story by: House of Travel

So you're off on a cruise, about to sail across the vast oceans.

Right about now, your pre-cruise planning probably consists of planning outfits, and there are a bunch of things you should consider before you fill your suitcase. 

1. Health comes first
Even the most seasoned sailors can sometimes struggle with sea-sickness, so be sure to take some sea legs tablets on-board with you. If your cruise hugs the coastline of a country, choppy waves are usually not an issue, so you have lesser risk of this becoming a problem on your holiday.

Weather can change swiftly on the open waters though, so if you're cruising between countries and have several days 'at sea' jotted down on your itinerary, it might be worth taking these pills along.

Most cruise ships have an infirmary onboard with expert medical professionals at hand to care for you, but it's nice not to have to deal with illness on holiday. Just pack the right medicine beforehand and you will literally be smooth sailing. 

2. Take a mini stroller for your final night 
Many cruise ships require passengers to leave their luggage, fully packed, outside their cabin doors on the penultimate night. This allows the crew to systematically and efficiently unload the cruise the day after, floor by floor. However, this means you might have to kiss goodbye to your toiletries and a change of clothes for disembarking the next morning. Take a mini stroller, usually used for aeroplane check-ins, with you to keep these necessities handy. 

3. Pirates like their rum - you might, too? 
Some cruise packages will offer an unlimited drinks deal, but others require you to pay for alcohol on-board per drink. However, certain cruise lines actually allow of-age passengers to carry on a set amount of alcohol, such as a bottle of wine per adult passenger.

Check before you leave what the requirements for your chosen cruise provider are, as you might be able to take a tipple onboard. The perk of doing so is you need not leave your cabin balcony as you toast to the sunset, as it can sometimes be tricky to find a prime location for these mesmerising views on the main decks. 

4. Check the dress code 
Some cruises have strict rules regarding what to wear to restaurants, and on cocktail or formal nights. It's a good idea to pack a formal suit, gown or dress just in case, and appropriate shoes as well. Ladies - although it's a glam feeling to be decked to the nines in high heels, wear these with caution because there may be pitching and rolling on the water, making it harder to saunter in stilettos. Wedges are usually a safer option. 

Others promote theme nights, such as 'Western' or 'Space Age'. You'd need an epic costume for these glorious occasions, so pack accordingly! The cruise ship will typically promote the themes prior to disembarking so you can rent or buy your costume in advance. 

5. Water-proofing your memories
Be sure to take a waterproof casing for your camera or invest in technology that is safe for underwater usage, such as a GoPro. Between swimming in the cruise ship pool, jumping off a tender boat into the shallow waters near sandy shores and snorkelling at your destinations, this is a worthy piece of equipment to take with you. 

Finally, remember to pack a sense of adventure and thirst for Poseidon's realm. The ocean can be your best friend, if you just let her lull you to a sense of bliss! 

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