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Eat your way around the UK in a week

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Eat your way around the UK in a week

story by: Anna Sarjeant

Monday: Bubble & Squeak
What is it? Simply put, it’s the shallow-fried left-overs from a Sunday roast. But don’t be disheartened; a hearty mix of potato, sprouts, carrots, peas and cabbage makes a surprisingly delicious combination. 

Why today? It’s the day after a Sunday roast. Expect to find it as a side dish to your full English breakfast, or as a complete dish with a poached egg cracked over the top.

Best place to try it: Anywhere selling a traditional English breakfast. Swing by ‘Caravan’ in Farringdon’s Exmouth Market. They’re renowned for their superb breakfast and brunch.

Tuesday: Welsh Rarebit
What is it? Yup it sounds fancy but it's really just glorified cheese on toast. What makes it special are the finer touches: melted cheddar cheese, a touch of stout, an egg yolk and a dash of English mustard.    

Why today? The pantry and fridge are bare, but it’s likely you’ll have all the ingredients for this simple but wholly satisfying dish.      

Best place to try it: Madame Fromage in Cardiff's Castle Arcade serves some of the best Welsh rarebit your taste buds will ever try.

Wednesday: Toad in the Hole
What is it? No toads involved. Sausage is cooked in a thick, golden and unbelievably delicious batter. Great on the taste-buds, not so much on your arteries.

Why today? It’s the middle of the week, meaning it’s been an entire 48-hours since you last had this more-ish batter (in the form of Yorkshire Puddings on your roast). It’s highly addictive.

Best place to try it: There’s never a guarantee that T in the H will be on the menu, but you’re looking for traditional English brasseries and upmarket pubs – hidden down quaint country lanes and little-known English towns.

Thursday: Lancashire Hot Pot
What is it? Good ole fashioned stew. Particularly good in north-west England. Expect a lot of potato; stews originate from poorer days – when meat was a luxury and potatoes did a very good job at filling the family up. 

Why today? It’s warm, rich and always hits the spot. Thursday is as good a day as any.

Best place to try it: Lancashire. But of course! Although you’ll also find many great stew variations across the country.  

Friday: Fish & Chips Takeaway
What is it? Just like NZ, except the Brits like to do strange things with the chips. Want to dine like a local? Ask for chips, cheese and gravy. Or if you’re feeling really brave – chips and curry sauce.

Why today? Who wants to cook on a Friday night? With takeaways on almost every street, it’s cheap, quick and convenient.

Best place to try it: Eat by the beach - Marshall's The Fryery in Tynemouth, Tyne & Wear has been serving battered chips since the 1930s. Ask them to throw in some free ‘scraps’ AKA crunchy leftover batter.

Saturday: Two Pints of Lager and a Bacon Butty
What is it? 1136ml of lager and a bread roll bursting with fried bacon and lashings of tomato ketchup.

Why today? Nothing tastes better than a bacon butty the day after the night before. The lager helps too, sometimes.

Best place to try it: In bed. Better if someone brings it to you.

Sunday: Roast Dinner
What is it? Perfectly cooked meat, roasted vegetables, a vast array of condiments, gravy and Yorkshire puddings (savoury battered soufflé is the only way we can describe it).

Why today? It’d be silly - but also tremendous - to have a Sunday roast on any other day. Traditionally, the meat was left to roast while the family attended Sunday church; ready to eat on their return.  

Best place to try it: In Britain, everyone’s grandma “makes the best Yorkshire Pudding”, but failing that, find a cosy pub. Even better if an outdoor chalkboards declares they make the best roast in Britain. Don't forget to leave space for dessert - or pudding if we're being properly British - sticky toffee pudding with custard is a must. In fact, anything with custard is a good idea. 

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