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Best places to travel in 2017

story by: Anna Sarjeant

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Your definitive guide to 2017’s biggest trending destinations. Catch one while you can.

1. Aarhus, Denmark
As the second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus has scored itself the title of Europe's Capital of Culture for 2017. It’s also bagged the European Region of Gastronomy 2017. Bragging rights include ARoS Museum, with its contempo¬rary exhibits and rainbow-coloured skywalk, and The Latin Quarter, featuring 14th century architecture and pretty pockets of coffee shops and cobblestone streets. For X-rated platters of Danish food, including the classic ‘smørrebrød’ (open-faced sandwich) venture to the Vadestedet. Fronting the river, endless cafés spill onto a sun-drenched pavement, all offering light bites and charming outdoor service. For something more flash, look for Aarhus' dazzling harbour and savour the freshest just-caught seafood straight out of Aarhus Bay.

2. Hanoi, Vietnam
In Hanoi, you can’t move for good food and screaming motorbikes. Both of which require a certain amount of courage to tackle. Cross the road with the same confidence you pretend to have while eating ‘unknowns’ from a road¬side barbecue – it’s all an adventure. Pho is to be consumed on little plastic stools outside family run restaurants, and eaten with fiddle-some chopsticks that will give all the locals a giggle. Circumnavigate a lap of the lake, stopping en route for mango lassi and herby noodles infused with aromatic spices. Start with egg coffee in the morning, in dinky cafés and rundown side streets, and finish at night with a five star meal overlooking a hazy, honking skyline. Hanoi is extreme; in both flavour and experience.


3. North Wales, UK
This is where you’ll find Snowdon; Wales’ highest mountain, as well as plenty of rugged coastline, a beautiful island called Anglesey (also the home of Bear Grylls) and the now infamous Bounce Below. An activity centre in Penrhyn Quarry‘s Zip World, Bounce Below is an underground cavern complex housed in a former slate mine. Featuring a series of giant cave-based trampolines, with four huge slides (some reaching heights of 18 metres) and six levels of bouncing fun, it’s just one of many adventure playgrounds sprouting up in North Wales. For additional thrills, check out The Surf Snowdonia Adventure Park with its 'Crash & Splash Lagoon' - a watery assault course not dissimilar to Total Wipeout. There's also winter canoeing along Snowdonia's icy blue lakes and White Water Rafting on the temperamental River Dee.

4. Austin, USA
In Austin, even your coffee comes with a side serving of live music. The city is often referred to as the 'Live Music Capital of the World’ and for every corner turned, there’s an impromptu performance, regardless of whether you’re in a tiny café or a heaving bar. A hub of unwavering old-school funk, the entire metropolis is a venue for creatives; musicians, artists and playwrights flock here for the laid-back vibes and cool hippy charm. Aside from good rhythms, inner city attractions include the world’s largest urban bat colony, which people flood to see every night, as they take flight from the Congress Avenue Bridge. And for those who want to step outside of the city, there’s Hamilton Pool. A jade lagoon which dates back thousands of years. Today the inviting water (complete with fairy tale waterfall) attracts a colony of its own: sunbathers and water lovers.

5. Adelaide, South Australia
Visually stunning and home to some of the world’s most raved about cuisine. Is it France? Italy? The Mediterranean? Not at all, we’ve headed across the Tasman and found Australia. With a culinary scene so profound even the Parisians are raising an eyebrow, Adelaide and its surrounding regions enjoy an abundance of fresh produce, from gooey cheese to just-shucked shellfish. The wine vari¬etals are also extensive, with the odd (and oddly wonderful) Sparkling Shiraz an SA must-try. Aside from pretty vineyards, the formidable terrain is a startling panorama of torched earth blackened by bush fire. It is a symbol of botanical glory. In South Australia, nature always springs back with a vengeance. The result? Soil the colour of saffron, complemented by green regrowth and the spindly trunks of eucalyptus trees.

Golden nuggets of insider information:

1. Aarhus
The Møllestien is arguably the prettiest street in Aarhus with cobbled streets and 18th century houses.

2. Hanoi
Hit the Old Quarter in Hanoi and climb the stairs to Cau Go Restaurant. This rooftop restaurant boasts elevated lake views.

3. North Wales
The Menai Strait separates the island of Anglesey from mainland Wales. It’s here you’ll find The Straits Restaurant. With home cooked dishes and local produce, don’t miss the slow cooked Welsh lamb.

4. Austin
Austin City Limits and South by Southwest are two massive festivals held in Austin. Music lovers shouldn't miss them.

5. Adelaide
South Australia is best enjoyed from the Murray River. Hire a luxury houseboat with Unforgettable Houseboats and set your own pace.

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