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Aucklanders’ travel choices ahead of the curve, according to new research

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Aucklanders’ travel choices ahead of the curve, according to new research

story by: House of Travel

Aucklanders are more likely to travel to Japan, Peru, Vietnam and Cambodia compared to the rest of New Zealand, according to new research from House of Travel.

House of Travel Marketing Director Ken Freer says Aucklanders tend to be more likely to choose an off the beaten track destination for their holiday, often prioritising travel to a destination they haven’t visited before as opposed to an old favourite.

“Between 2014 and 2016 we have seen a 61% increase in the number of Aucklanders travelling to Japan, 11% higher than the national average. Peru has increased by 37% for Aucklanders, 15% higher than the national average, with Vietnam growing 67% for Aucklanders and 57% for the rest of New Zealand,” he says.

“All of these destinations, along with Cambodia, are recognised as up and coming travel spots that extend beyond traditional holiday destinations. New Zealanders are keen to tick off once remote bucket list experiences, and Auckland is just a little bit ahead of the national curve.”

Freer says New Caledonia, Argentina and Mexico have leaped in popularity over the past two years, both for Aucklanders and the rest of New Zealand.

“The number of Kiwis travelling to Argentina, Mexico and New Caledonia is on par with the rest of New Zealand, but the increase we’ve seen across the board is exponential. Mexico has grown by 60%, New Caledonia by 70% and Argentina by a massive 150%,” he says.

“We’re anticipating a great number of Kiwis – Aucklanders in particular – will travel to South America in 2017, off the back of the growth we’ve seen in the past couple of years. South America has rocketed to the top of many Kiwis’ travel wishlist, particularly for bucket list experiences such as Machu Picchu, Galapagos Islands and Iguazu Falls.”

Freer says trends in 2016 tell us a lot about what to expect in 2017 – and capacity for new destinations is high on the list of travel influencers.

“So many of our travel trends for 2016 were dictated by increased capacity to new destinations. When airlines choose to fly somewhere new from New Zealand, particularly somewhere less-common for Kiwi travel such as Vietnam or South America, New Zealanders are likely to jump at the opportunity of travelling somewhere they maybe haven’t been before,” he says.

“In 2017 we expect to see continued growth in South America and Asia, particularly less explored destinations such as Cambodia and Chile. We’re also anticipating more Kiwis to explore more of Asia in smaller stopover trips en route to Europe.

“For more information on up and coming destinations and travel trends for Aucklanders, feel free to join us at our TRAVEL BAZAAR at the Auckland ASB Showgrounds on Sunday 7 May – you’ll be spoilt for choice in information, insights and amazing deals!”

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