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3 of the best luxury hotels on the Gold Coast

3 of the best luxury hotels on the Gold Coast

story by: Anna Sarjeant

Five-star luxury stays are easy to find when you book a holiday on the Gold Coast. With an array of top-notch hotels offering the most distinguished levels of service, accommodation and facilities.

Here’s our top three picks ​for top-quality hotels on the Gold Coast. All very distinguished, all very different.

1. ​New​ & contemporary
QT Gold Coast Hotel 

In a district where everything is golden, from the sand to the surfers, the impeccably stylish QT Gold Coast Hotel is as flashy as the soil it was built.

The vibe
Breaking every rule in the luxury hotel rule book, QT is a zany kaleidoscope of colour and creativity. Bursting with features crafted by super-hip artists and staff that possess a good dollop of theatrics, QT Gold Coast endeavours to ‘put on a show’. It’s by no means traditional luxe, it’s rebellious and daring and a total non-conformer – but hey, everybody ​loves a renegade!

The de​cor
Welcomed by foyer staff in a 1950s get-up, complete with ruby lips and false eyelashes, there’s complimentary fresh lemonade in the reception and a quirky décor that sits somewhere between Ikea and high-end designer cool. It’s clean-cut, contemporary and saturated with colour; replete with retro furniture and a vintage quirkiness that perfectly suits the uber cool inhabitants of Surfer’s Paradise.

The rooms
Rooms, much like the rest of QT, boast slick custom lighting, pops of colour and an injection of art-deco. Many suits feature ocean views (for scoping those surfers) and a wealth of fancy features, such as Nespresso machines and a gel mattress. That’s right, gel. Thank goodness for the Nespresso, or you’d find it virtually impossible to get out of bed in the morning.

The dining
Bazaar Restaurants is modern and fresh with a tantalizing marketplace style buffet, there’s free Wi-Fi throughout, the popular Stingray Bar serves sugar reduced cocktails and it’s a two minute walk from the beach. Fixx café resembles an adult’s candy store, in décor as well as culinary treats and there’s even complimentary bikes and scooters available from reception.  Spoilt much?

The verdict
Above all, QT dares to be different – and resolutely unapologetic. Luxury with an eccentric edge, if you’re looking for fun vibes and good times, come and enjoy the QT show!    

2. ​Classic & time-honoured
Palazzo Versace

The vibe
For old school palatial hotel-stays, picked straight from the golden years of white-gloved doormen, marble floors and minted chocolates left on your pillow case, stay at the Palazzo Versace.

As the world’s first fashion-branded hotel, Palazzo Versace epitomises everything that is grand and grandiose. From the ornate décor, to the decadent fountains and immaculate gardens, staying here is like stepping back in time and enjoying the splendours of classic, refined hotel service, where patrons are indulged and simple bygone services such as a nightly turn-down service are still very much honoured. 

The decor
Influenced by Europe’s most illustrious hotels, as well as the celebrated Italian designs of Gianni Versace, every inch of the Palazzo is adorned with marble and mosaics, vaulted ceilings and chandeliers that sparkle as decadently as regal jewels.

The rooms
Rooms flaunt floor-to-ceiling windows, crisp white linens and plush upholstery.

The dining
While fine-dining restaurants serve everything from classical to contemporary, silver service to high tea. Descend on Le Jardin for chocolate éclairs and hand-made raspberry macaroons and you’ll be whisked from the dazzling shores of the Gold Coast to the cobbled embankments of the River Seine.

The difference
For boat-owners, the Palazzo Versace is graced with a private five-star marina, complete with 90 berths to dock your yacht, skiff or sailboat. Once on-land, the hotel’s impressive water salon will soon beckon you back to water, with its extensive glass-like pool, draped cabanas and assortment of poolside lounges.

The verdict
Maintaining age-old traditions that will transcend you to a different era of luxury, Palazzo Versace is a glamorous, lavish and highly stylish hotel experience. For those in search of elegance and excellence, the dazzling years of hotels’ golden past can still be discovered in Queensland.

3. A mix of contemporary & conventional
Soul Surfers Paradise

There’s a high rise building on the Surfer’s Paradise beachfront that sits so staunchly and with so much bravado, it’s recognised instantly as part of the Gold Coast coastline. It's Soul Surfers Paradise.

The vibe
Almost a landmark, its sleek finish and towering height stands out like a glamorous, glass panelled beacon. As the closest skyscraper to the beachfront, it’s not only ‘the face’ of Surfers Paradise, it's a hotel which is both luxurious and modern; a fusion of traditional five-star mixed with cutting edge design.  

The decor
A distinguished giant on the beachfront, Soul Surfers Paradise stands guard over the Pacific Ocean like a watchman of the night. With uninterrupted sea views from many of its grand suites, rooms enjoy unparalleled views across the horizon or over the busy, people-packed boulevard.  

The rooms
Most apartments are fully facilitated with kitchens so guests can cook up some great Aussie tucker and enjoy private dining with the ocean as their very own backdrop. Boasting views that are as magical stormy as they are sunny, whatever the season and whatever the weather, the panorama is incredible. 

The facilities
As well as 77 levels of luxury accommodation, Soul Surfers Paradise is replete with deluxe facilities, including two heated pools, a gym, spa and secret garden complete with barbecue facilities.

The dining
For nights when you’d rather a real chef was cooking your snags (because dad always has a habit of taking ‘chargrilled’ to the extreme), the impeccable Seaduction Restaurant boasts two hats and a menu that’s less burnt banger and more burnt butter – served with angus eye fillet and a side of truffle mash.

So, which one will you choose?

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