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Africa safari: What’s your travel style?


Africa safari: What’s your travel style?

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So you want to book your African safari?

But when you consider how big the continent is (New Zealand can fit into Africa a colossal 115 times), the enormity all starts to get a little overwhelming. We know the feeling can be stressful, but fear not, we’re here to ensure you pick the best options for your dream safari. With choices that suit all budgets, from the clean and comfortable to the incredibly wonderful, your bucket list destination needs to be done properly. We’re here to make sure your experience isn’t solely about staying at ‘just another hotel’, so here’s a quick guide to exactly what is on offer.

1. Hotels
Just like any other city in the world, some hotels have been carefully planned to ensure you’re a stone’s throw from all the main attractions, others are historic and some are oozing with African tradition. Want all three? No problem, if you’re after cultural as well as local, just let us know. We’ve chosen preferred hotels with unbeatable locations, amenities and service - nothing but the best for your dream-fulfilling trip.


2. Lodges
For those wanting solid walls in the wilderness, lodges are the ideal choice. You’re still located in the middle of a game park, but the accommodation is fully equipped, usually themed in African safari and offers plenty of space, much like a home away from home. There are traditional African bomas which are enclosed outdoor areas that usually boast roaring bonfires, plenty of socialising and nightly entertainment.


3. Under canvas
This doesn’t mean staying in a tent, well it does, but it’s a flash tent. ‘Under Canvas’ accommodation refers to a permanent camp, and it’s designed to offer extreme comfort while maintaining the authenticity of staying close to wildlife. It adds a completely different meaning to the word camp. Usually small in size, with between four and 30 tents, you still get your minibar, en suite bathroom, rain shower, electricity and many other creature comforts that vary from camp to camp.

4. Overland safari
Your overland truck is your home, where tour leaders and drivers merge into your cooks. Participation tours mean you help with the camp organisation, or choose nonparticipation, which means all chores are done for you, just sit back and relax - we like the sound of that! This way of travel very much embraces the rawness of the continent and all it has to offer.

5. Small group touring
Small group tours usually accommodate between four and 16 guests so it’s a very intimate way to travel. There are more chances to get off the beaten track in groups as small as these and the cultural activities have more of a presence. You’ll stay in a mixture of camps, under canvas, hotel and lodge accommodation, all dependant on your destinations. Vehicles are smaller and itineraries are created to ensure the most suitable amount of time is spent in each place, before moving onto the next.


6. Independent travel
These trips are tailor-made to suit all of your needs; nothing you don’t want but everything you do. They are totally bespoke, choose any kind of accommodation and pick styles that suit your individual preferences. You also get to decide exactly how long you stay for. Every decision is down to you and no part of the journey is dependent on other people. Some of your game drives and safari activities may be with other guests staying at the same accommodation, unless of course you are willing to pay for a private arrangement!

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