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6 date night ideas on the Gold Coast


6 date night ideas on the Gold Coast

story by: Anna Sarjeant

Heading off on a Gold Coast holiday with a significant other? Ramp up the romance with one of these ​top date ideas.

1. Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant
If you like your dates mixed with a great big dollop of gimmick, head to Draculas on 1 Hooker Boulevard on Gold Coast’s Broadbeach. Childish giggles from your significant other aside, the address is also home to a night of comedy, rock, puppetry and horror. Combining humour with artful entertainment, enter via Dracula's ghost train and then get seated for a ghoulish few hours of dancing, jazz, freaks and fun, complete with a three-course meal showcasing the GC’s delicious local produce. From desserts shaped as coffins to a cabaret show tittering on outrageous, the venue is upbeat and quirky, but fear not, it’s more tongue-and-cheek than too much cheek. Take a selfie with your waiter, AKA the resident vampire, and settle in for a little bit of freaky, a whole lot of funny.

Date Rate: 7/10. A good one if you spook easily so you can grab hold of your partner's arm, but it's also a fun outing for families so it's not on the same romance level as candlelit canoodles.  

Friday Brew Jams at Burleigh Brewing Company
Bands, burger and beersies with your better half. Combinations a belter, right? And seeing as it only occurs on the first Friday of the month and you’re on holiday with the entire day off, you’ve just found the best (all day) Friday session on the Gold Coast. Found at Burleigh Heads, Queensland, the Friday Brew Jams are legendary in these parts; frequented by more locals than tourists, they’re a winning mix of live music, German sausage and a variety of very unique beers. Fanny Gertrude’s Bickie Beer tickle your fancy? From wheat beer to European-style lagers, American Pale Ale and the all-Australian no-carb brew, there’s a sauce to suit your style.

Date Rate: 6/10. Super laid back and fabulously casual, this is the kind of atmosphere that the Aussies do best. The smell of hops fills the air, but points are lost due to beer burps, which ruin any likelihood of a cheeky kiss. 

3. Miami Marketta
So we all know dating is about getting fat - because eating out becomes as regular as waking up. Lady had it spot-on sharing her spaghetti with Tramp; eating’s a sport designed for two. The Miami Marketta at 23 Hillcrest Parade in Miami is held every Friday ​and Saturday from 5pm (good if you want to stuff your face elsewhere the night before) and claims to be the original - and best - market style food venue in the area. Offering street food from around the world, there’s music, multiple vendors, an equal amount of bars and more culinary choices than you ever thought imaginable.

Date Rate: 9/10. Because food is the route to any man (or woman’s) heart. Order something gooey from the dessert bar and secretly hope your partner’s full. More for you. Nom nom. 

4. O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walkway
A good one for showing off your super manliness, or fearless she-woman persona, O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walkway is set in Lamington National Park, and is an easy day tour from the Gold Coast. Between the subtropical rainforest and panoramic views across the Lamington Ranges, nine suspension bridges sway 15 metres above ground and tickle the treetops. The scenery is freckled with colourful parrots and all manner of wildlife, and better still, it’s free.

Date Rate: 8/10. The wilderness will do wonders for your relationship. Stop at Jan Power's Farmers Market beforehand, held every Saturday from 6am until midday, and pick up an assortment of tasty delicacies for a picnic. ​Fringing the curbs of 119 Lamington Street, fill your basket with juices, bread, meat and dinky cupcakes.      

5. Tamborine Mountain– hiking and fudge
Located 30kms from the Gold Coast and 70kms from Brisbane, fill your lungs with some fresh mountain air and take on one of Tamborine Mountain’s countless walks or hikes. Our favourite is Witches Chase Track which traverses through glorious rainforest to Witches Falls and then along the cliff bluff, weaving in and out of red cedar trees and eucalypt forest. It’s little more than two hours in duration so afterwards you can stop for lunch by the sea and soak up the stunning coastal views.

Date Rate: 7/10. Add a detour to Tamborine’s famed Fudge Heaven at 130 Long Road, Eagle Heights. With 40 mouth-watering fudge flavours, their ‘adults-only’ range includes an alcohol-infused selection, and a few with names we couldn’t possibly name here - we wouldn't want to make you blush. 

6. Bazaar Buffet at QT Gold Coast
Take your partner to QT Gold Coast and treat them to the Bazaar restaurant. This is buffet style dining like no other, and unlike traditional buffets, oozes sophistication. Described as an ‘interactive market place’, the crystal wine glasses are complemented by various dining ‘stations’ featuring worldwide delicacies. With an Asian chef cooking dumplings to order, shrimps on ice, a barbecue maestro grilling steaks to your preferred temperature and seafood that’s so fresh it came straight off the boat that morning, you won’t find a better dinner destination on the GC. Did we mention the pig spits, wood-fired pizza and gleaming cabinets of sugary, splendid desserts? It’s a never-ending food fantasy.  

Date Rate: 9/10. We drop one mark because there won’t be much talking and/or staring at one another longingly across the table. There’s no time for that – food remember!

And if you’re looking for the quintessential 10/10 Gold Coast date, there’s always the beach. A state famed for them, whether you go for sunrise, sunset or a tandem surf, nothing says ‘amour’ ​like the sun, sea and sand. 

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