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The USA: Expectations versus reality


The USA: Expectations versus reality

story by: House of Travel

Article reposted with permission from Topdeck 

Before you jet off to the U-S-of-A and celebrate the California sunshine or gawk at the bright lights of Times Square, take a minute and prep yourself for the totally awesome adventure you’re about to embark on.

You’ve seen it in the movies; you’ve read about all the icons; ¬≠but nothing compares to actually experiencing the States for yourself.

FYI: the USA is colossal, crazy and just as unbelievably epic as you would expect.

1. Expectation:
You will see celebrities everywhere.

Fact. You WILL* see celebrities, everywhere. Existing as the glitzy hub of ‘all things celeb’, Los Angeles knows how to throw a party (and the A-Listers are all invited). Catch movie stars, singers, Kardashians etc. sipping on a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino, shopping on Melrose (naturally) or running around town (hint: Runyon Canyon. Google it). Or, if you’re one of the ‘unlucky ones’ who miss out on the #authentic celeb-spotting experience, jump on board one of the many ‘Movie Stars’ Homes’ tours that zip around LA. Too easy!
*Disclaimer: just like that urban myth in Australia that you’re always within three feet of a spider, celebrities in LA are no different. Okay, so you might not physically spot an A-Lister (they’re all about the ‘incognito’ vibes) just trust us – they’re closer than you think! Topdeckers, keep yo’ eyes peeled!
2. Expectation:
All of your meals will be SUPER-SIZED (x100!).
Not only will they be super-sized, they’ll be out-of-this-world, jumbo, whale-of-a-kind meals that your stomach better start preppin’ for. Think: entrées the size of a main course, or a main course the size of a buffet meal, fit to feed a family – phew! Don’t even get us started on the size of a New York pizza slice or a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! But hey, we’re not complaining.

3. Expectation:
Las Vegas will be WILD and majorly out of control, à la The Hangover style.
Before we go any further, let’s just take a second to clarify – we’re not just referring to the ‘trash a hotel room’ or ‘falling into the Bellagio water fountain’ style of wild. We’re talking wild in the way of seeing a crazy, unbelievable, gravity-defying Cirque Du Solei show and getting out of control at the Caesar’s palace buffet. Or, there’s ‘The Hangover’ side of Vegas. The choice is all yours. Cue Kanye’s ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’, don your best outfit and get ready for an adventure. This is Vegas, baby!

4. Expectation:
Comfort food in the Southern States will warm your soul.
Warm your soul? Yes. Change your life? Double yes! From hearty stew to fried chicken, cornbread and all things ‘Cajun’, there’s something for all the foodies. Add a side serving of Southern hospitality and you’ve got a winning combination. For a drool-inducing feed, head over to Prejean’s Restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana and see what we’re talking about.
5. Expectation:
The Grand Canyon will BLOW your mind.
Not only will it blow your mind, it will leave you both speechless, weak-at-the-knees and will ultimately take your breath away. Unlike some attractions around the world (we won’t name and shame) the Grand Canyon continues to impress millions of travellers every damn day. Altogether now, “Best. Day. Ever!”

6. Expectation:
You can stumble across a hot dog on every street corner in New York.
Well, not every corner but close enough. From hot dogs to falafels and all things hot and steamy, you won’t go hungry as you strut through Times Square en route to the next tourist hot spot. Top tip: don’t pay more than $1 or £2 for a saucy ketchup-slathered hot dog.

And that’s just the beginning!

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