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Insiders Guide to Scandinavia

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Insiders Guide to Scandinavia

story by: Tom Ricketts

1. Hike to Trolltunga
The stunning views over ‚ÄčNorway's glacial Lake Ringedalsvatnet are more than worth the eight hour return trek alone. But it’s the Trolls Tongue, a single slab of rock jutting out over 700 metres above the lake, that make this spot one of the most insane, adrenaline pumping photo ops in all of Europe.
HOT Tip: As with many places in Norway, this track is only doable in summer!

2. Stay a night in the Icehotel
Book yourself a night in Sweden’s Icehotel in which the only things not made of ice are your reindeer skin blankets and pillows. The beds, chandeliers and amazing in room ice sculptures are all painstakingly carved anew every year.
HOT Tip: The hotel is open year round, but ice rooms are only available from December to April

3. Cruise the fjords of Norway
Imagine being on the bow of one of the world’s largest cruise ships as you pierce through the dense sea fog off the coast of Norway. Then suddenly as you enter a fjord the fog clears and you find yourself wedged between two mountains towering thousands of metres directly above you. The silence is broken only by the gentle hum of the ships engines and the splashing of nearby waterfall.
HOT Tip: For an even better experience, book yourself a cabin with a private balcony and relax in privacy with a mulled wine as the icebergs drift by.

4. See the Northern Lights on Husky sledge
Saddle up with half a dozen adorable huskies and be whisked across the snow laden back country of Norway. Then gather round a campfire with plenty of hot chocolate on tap and stare in awe at the flashing green, blue and red lights of the Aurora Borealis dancing across the sky above you.
HOT Tip: Best seen in March or September

5. Swim with the icebergs in Iceland
Walk around the shore of Iceland’s Lake Jokulsarlon past massive boulders of ice, or if you’ve got game, take a quick dip in the ice cold waters and watch the icebergs float by.
HOT Tip: If it’s a fine day, stay for a truly stunning sunset.

6. Ride the Stockholm Metro
Ditch the tour bus and explore Stockholm aboard their efficient metro system. Around 90 of the 100 stations have been turned into giant works of art and it’s been dubbed ‘the World’s Longest Art Gallery’.
HOT Tip: Be sure to check out Kungstradgarden Station

7. Go puffin spotting
Take a quick cruise from Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik to Lundey Island, home to a colony of 20,000 delightful puffins and their distinctive red beaks.
HOT Tip: Puffins take to the water in winter, so you’ll need to visit in summer to see them.

8. Road trip along the scenic coastal highways
Jump in the car and drive the spectacular Atlantic Ocean Road as you hop, skip and jump across an archipelago of islands in the far north of Norway.
HOT Tip: Aside from in the main cities, Scandinavia’s roads are reasonably quiet (much like New Zealand). This means it’s not a stressful task having to switch to driving on the right

9. Take a family outing to Legoland
Got the kids on holiday with you? Head straight for Legoland in Billund, Denmark. The park is literally made up of millions of pieces of Lego and comes complete with roller coasters and other rides for the big kids.
HOT Tip: Most of the park is outdoors, so keep an eye on the weather when planning your visit

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