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What it’s really like to fly Emirates Business Class


What it’s really like to fly Emirates Business Class

story by: Anna Sarjeant

Cross the world in luxury with Emirates’ Business Class. From complimentary chauffeurs to Moet on tap, you haven’t lived until you’ve been to a bar at 30,000 feet.

Here we detail the airline’s most prestigious aircraft: the super flash A380.

The build-up
Emirates Business Class provides a personalised chauffeur service in up to 70 destinations. That’s right, your very own complimentary chauffeur taking you from door to airport. Check with your HOT consultant to find out if it’s applicable in your departure city.


Relax at the airport
When you fly Emirates Business Class, you’ll benefit from a speedy Business Class check-in desk and fast-track security. Allowing you to spend more time lapping up the luxurious surroundings of your Business Class lounge.


Once on-board
With faux wood and Arabian influenced golden trims, the A380’s interior is typically exuberant. The upper deck is divided between 14 fully-enclosed first class suites and 76 business class cubicles. For Business passengers, central seats extend into a horizontal bed and reach 200cm when fully flat, whereas aisle seats reach 177cm when extended. There is mood lighting to suit the ambience and a starlit ceiling that twinkles while you sleep.


Are you sitting comfortably?
Aside from transforming into a fully flat bed, each seat boasts its own mini bar built into the arm rest, complete with soft drinks and snacks. The seats themselves have an in-built massage function, with personal shoe lockers and if you’re next to the window, a thigh-level storage compartment.


Seated perks
Each seat has its own gigantic touch-screen television screen (17-inch/43 cm) and 1400 channels – no one does in-flight entertainment like Emirates do in-flight entertainment, or the famed ICE (information, communications, entertainment) as it’s known. There’s a telephone and easy connection to WiFi (on most flights and for a fee) as well as USB and power ports to keep your gadgets going. Wrong adaptor? No hassle. The flight stewards have them all.


Fine dining at 30,000 feet
Emirates strive to make your in-flight dining experience much like that of a top-class restaurant. They execute this to perfection, with attentive service and a carefully prepared menu of international flavours and multiple courses. Menus are updated every month and can be paired with equally fine wines or Champagne. Dietary requirements are fuss-free and for the health conscious, there are meal options available without added saturated and trans fats, salt or sugars. Everything is served on Royal Dalton china - or something equally fancy.


Sleeping beauty
As already mentioned the lie-flat beds fully recline, with ample room for tossing and turning, which you won’t, because it’s Emirates. Enough said. Business Class passengers are provided with a blanket, pillow, noise cancelling headphones, flight socks and earplugs. Stewards will also come round with duvets.


It’s always happy hour
Ah yes, the famed Emirates bar. The A380 does indeed feature an in-flight bar area, and it’s a hub of activity for the duration of your flight. Available for both First and Business Class passengers, it boasts its very own bartender and a full selection of premium spirits, exclusive wines, Champagne, cocktails, beer and hot drinks, as well as canapés, snacks and nibbles.


The small things
Perks that make the entire journey an absolute pleasure from beginning to end include Veuve Cliquot on arrival (non-alcoholic drinks are also readily available), a comprehensive amenity kit packed with high-end products and light bites which are always to-hand. From deli platters to hot snacks. However ‘snack’ is somewhat an understatement, expect prawn cake skewers and nasi goring.


You know you’re flying Business Class when…
Two of the four bathrooms have windows. Enjoy the view!    

Find out more about Emirates here. 

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