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Top 6 places to take a selfie

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Top 6 places to take a selfie

story by: Anna Sarjeant

Nothing quite says “My life’s not mundane” like a quality selfie.

And taking one is a rite of passage for most travellers experiencing some kind of bucket-list adventure, because if there isn’t photographic evidence (and a strong social media presence to boot), did it ever really happen?

Granted, some selfie locations are better than others. Let’s just say Buckingham Palace trumps your bathroom. But where are the world’s truly great spots? Here are our top 6 destinations for selfie excellence.

1. The Himalayas, Nepal
At Everest Base Camp the available oxygen is 33% less than that of sea level. There’s yak poo in your boots, wind nipping at your neck and more snow-capped mountain peaks than there are cups of milky Sherpa tea. So if there’s one destination worthy of a boastful selfie; a “I survived the Himalayas without succumbing to altitude sickness” it’s the Himalayan mountain ranges. Better still, if any one natural wonder is going to look stellar in your selfie background, it’s Everest herself. Worth the blood, sweat and tears? You bet. So long as all the blood, sweat and tears are also present in the final selfie.

Top tip: Pull down your buff, take off your hat and remove the sunnies. You want to be recognisable in your picture.       


2. Brooklyn Bridge, New York
It’s appeared in countless movies, artists can't help but paint it and if you walk it, you’ll find yourself in Brooklyn just thirty minutes after you left Manhattan. New York’s Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most photogenic suspension bridges in the United States, and better still, it stands before one of the best-dressed skylines in the world.

There are two pedestrianised lanes that cross the bridge, one for walkers and one for bikes. For the most part, cycling the bridge belongs in the realm of commuters, whereas visitors should walk it.

Top tip: Leave yourself an hour for the entire stretch (plus multiple stops), and once you’ve reached the other side and multiple selfies have been taken, picture yourself with a giant slice of world-famous New York pizza.


3. The Great Wall of China, Beijing
There’s nothing better than being able to say you’ve walked the Great Wall of China. Well, not unless you can prove it – with a selfie.

'He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man', as the famous Chinese saying goes, so grab your smartphones and show the world what you’re made of. Badaling is considered one of the best sections of the wall because it’s only 70km from Beijing and the best-preserved. Albeit busy, the hoards actually add to the energy of the place, and seeing as Badaling is so convenient (both tours and public transport access the entry point) you can be up by dawn, over the wall by midday and back in Beijing for Peking duck by the early afternoon. Easy.  

Top tip: Some sections of this wall are almost 3000 years old - polished flooring it is not. Take a good pair of comfortable trainers.


4. Trolltunga Rock, Norway
This one's a little bit naughty, and only for those who like to embrace adventure with a solid dose of common sense.

Sensible hats on now, please.

Famed for its (now iconic) protruding cliff edge that juts over Lake Ringedalsvatnet at a gut wrenching 700 metres, Norway’s Trolltunga Rock enjoys startling views across a piercing blue lake and mammoth mountainside. Your little selfie face will look nothing more than a blip amongst giants. Still, it's a selfie shot that's hard to surpass.

Reached via a 12-hour return hike, one which we suggest you embark on with a guide, we certainly don't encourage anyone to sit, stand or hover at the end of Trollunga. There are ample places to pose which will provide an epic selfie, without the epic drop.

Top tip: Ill-advisable during winter, catch your best side from mid-June through to mid-September. IE, Norway’s summer.


5. The Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia
On your doorstep, this one.

Poking 45m out of the ocean, Victoria’s renowned Twelve Apostles strut their stuff approximately 188km from Melbourne. Of the 12 that were formed over 20 million years ago, eight limestone stacks remain. They also make a lovely addition to your selfie background. Walk the boardwalks around the cliff top and you’ll find various viewing platforms to perfect your Twelve Apostle Snapchat.

Of course, this is as much about the Great Ocean Road as it is the Apostles. Considered one of the world’s most spectacular drives, there are cliff hugging curves for the driver, and multiple tree hugging koalas for the animal lovers. The Apostles can be reached from Melbourne in approximately four hours and 15 minutes, but this is a scenic drive not a drag race, so take your time.

Top tip: Arrive at the Port Campbell National Park the night before and see the Apostles at sunrise. You’ll beat the tourists and have the scenery all to yourself.   


6. Iguazu Falls, Argentina
What with alpacas in Machu Picchu and Christ the Redeemer in Rio, South America is quite possibly selfie central, but we’ve decided to highlight Iguazu Falls – the Argentinian side.

Huge, thunderous and unforgettable, there are 275 waterfalls along 2.7km of the Iguazu River. The Devil’s Throat is the greatest spectacle of them all. Boasting 14 falls, it’s a U-shaped formation flanking both the Argentinian and Brazilian borders; 82m high, 150m wide and 700m long. The Argentinian side also boasts an exhilarating boat ride to the base of the falls. Take togs because you’re about to get drenched and your driver will definitely steer bow-first into the mouth of the water’s roar.

Top tip: The soaking boat ride won’t make the most attractive selfie, so wait until you're walking back from the boat. There’s a slight incline that weaves its way up and past the thunderous falls and halfway up, you’ll find a small yet flat rock jutting slightly over the lip of the cliff. It provides the most spectacular backdrop for a selfie. Cue the yoga poses, crab bends and Namaste hand palms. 

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