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Why travel with Peregrine?


Why travel with Peregrine?

story by: Anna Sarjeant

Everyone has a different idea about ​small group travel - so many presumptions and so many preconceived ideas. For those who have never travelled on tour, we thought it was about time we put the record straight.

1. Things are ​all-round easier ​with a Peregrine tour
No worrying about getting lost, taking the wrong turn, jumping on a dodgy bus, finding yourself totally alone or being taken for a ride by a mischievous local. And all the organisation is done for you so when you arrive in a new place, those ‘fish outta water’ feelings never even form. It is a lot less stressful than trying to tackle the world on your own. You get all the perks of travelling just how you like, without the worrisome aspects that give you early grey hairs.  
WHERE’S THE PROOF? Most travellers lack the confidence, language skills, or know-how to take full advantage of what each destination has to offer, and everything can feel like a tricky manoeuvre. With Peregrine, your guide will be a local (and therefore speak the local language) ​so they will swoop in and do all the difficult bits for you. 

2. You have genuine local experiences
Peregrine is not a big coach tour. You don’t pass the landmarks you’ve always dreamt about without stopping; noses pressed against the window as the sights blur past. With Peregrine you spend lots of time with local people, whether that’s because you’re buying fresh produce from village market vendors, or you’re exploring a labyrinth of backstreets that only the locals - and your guide – even know about. Three hours later you find yourself inside a nondescript bar, with six lively locals and a chef still serving his bevvy of mates, (of which you’re now considered one of them) Tapas and fried crickets. You get to live like a local, not a tourist.     
WHERE’S THE PROOF? That last bit about a bar, six local characters and a chef is a legit firsthand memory experienced by this tour-loving author.

3. Peregrine tour leaders aren't your parents
A common misconception with guided touring is that because there’s a tour guide, you lose your freedom and gain a parent. Yes they are organised and yes they make sure everyone gets from A to B, but this isn’t day care. Groups are small, nine on average, which allows guests to really build a rapport with their guides. By day two, they’ll feel more like another member of the group (a friend for want of a better word) rather than your mum, dad or nanny.
WHERE’S THE PROOF? The proof is in how other travellers react to your posse. With Peregrine, the people you meet along the way (the outsiders!) will be surprised to hear your tour guide is a tour guide. Most of the time, externals presume you’re a group of old mates - that’s how well you’ll all bond as a group.

4. There will be no more McDonalds’ meals for one
With Peregrine you make instant friends. With an average of nine fellow travellers, that’s an extra eight friends you get almost instantaneously. And everyone’s in the same boat, with the same likes (presumably travel) and dislikes (we’d guess pickpockets and data roaming charges), you’ll gel immediately. As much as we don’t ever diss solo travel, if you’re someone who finds arriving somewhere new and starting a (non-weird) convo with strangers, totally disconcerting, Peregrine is perfect for you. Okay, so you have to do it once, but five minutes later you’ll have friends for life - as well as the entire duration of your t​rip. Winner.     
WHERE’S THE PROOF? Ask anyone who has already experienced a guided tour, and we bet they have the people they went with in their phonebook and Facebook. 

5. Accommodation is never an afterthought 
All Peregrine’s chosen accommodations are hand-picked by a destination expert, meaning they usually boast a very central (and very convenient) location. You’ll have more time to enjoy your surroundings, rather than lengthy commutes finding a hotel located way out of town. You’re guaranteed private bathrooms, and because group numbers are so small, the hotels are bijou too. You’ll be staying in unique locally owned places with plenty of tiny-abode character. Better still, each of Peregrine’s small group tours include at least one stand out property.
WHERE’S THE PROOF? Have you seen Pazo Santa Maria in Spain? Google it now. It’s a 35,000m² garden oasis, with an 18th century heritage and its very own orchard. It’s also just one example of the unique places you could be resting your head. Did we mention cocktails on the terrace?

Forget what you thought you knew about guided touring; this isn’t a whistle-stop coach trip. You’ll spend long periods of time in each destination and you really will have the opportunity to soak up the rich tapestry of every place you visit. Sounds good, no?   

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