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7 reasons to take your family to Legoland Malaysia


7 reasons to take your family to Legoland Malaysia

story by: House of Travel

By HOT guest blogger: David Agnew

For the last thirty years, Disneyland for kids has been the stamp in the Passport of Life but Legoland now offers an initiation for our younger and shorter young ones into theme park themed holidays. Here's seven reasons why Legoland Malaysia is perfect for the youngest thrill-seekers.

1. Rides for rookies
At 1.20m, the average six year old can go on all the park's rides with the most extreme rollercoaster experience being The Dragon and Project X. However, they aren't tame and/or slow and probably unsuitable for nana and her handbag. Down the pathway in the Kingdoms section, The Dragon's Apprentice is borderline white knuckle for middle-aged panickers yet the comfort level in normally sheepishly-shy four year olds is heightened by the disarming Lego men. The fear disappears and it's amazing how much trust can be had in yellow plastic....

2. Short walks, rides and waits for short attention spans
Whether by design or in error, the short ride times at all of the Legoland rides keeps the queues in the Malaysian heat ticking over. The efficiency is such that lining up again isn't so bad and thoughtfully placed benches with Lego blocks occupy the kids. The park is compact and flat with strategically placed indoor attractions/sanctuaries with no let up in things to try. 

3. Made with kids in mind 
They won't remember a thing but you will and entertaining the toddlers has been given the utmost consideration. Along the way around the park are extensive features for the toddlers like the Shipyard Playground, the Duplo Playground and Duplo Express train ride. Rental strollers for $20 are a must for those wth toddlers and look sturdy enough for adults.....

4. Adrenaline fixes can be found at the water slide
While screaming teenage girls experiencing G Forces might be in short supply at Legoland, there's enough of a buzz spending a few hours on the water slides. Hurtling down super quick slides in perfect darkness, tube and donut rides for dad make up for the four turns at the Lego City Driving School.

5. It's interactive, involved, innovative
Building Lego towers then collapsing them with the earthquake simulator may not be everyone's cup of tea but for the kids, a priceless air-conditioned interlude from the midday sun. Racing self-built cars, pulling themselves up ten metres high with hydraulically assisted ropes, driving their own boats without tracks, driving their own vehicle, putting out fires and shooting laser guns – the kids are in charge a lot of the time....until they get home. The imaginative essence of Lego has been captured perfectly.

6. It's very theme park affordable
For no more than $80, an adult can have an all access two-day pass into Legoland; a child $65. Public transport to the park is cheap and a day's parking if you drive is around $4. An adult's lunch in the quirky themed eateries is reasonable at about $10 and there's no pressure to get your picture taken with an oversized brickman then buy it.

7. The magic continues at the Legoland Hotel
The full Legoland experience means staying at the Legoland Hotel and the pirate, kingdom and adventure themed rooms are the ultimate in Lego indulgence. Whilst not suitable for that romantic getaway, the hotel is unforgettable from the moment you walk into the lobby.

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