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Insiders Guide to Italy

Cinque Terre
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Insiders Guide to Italy

story by: Tom Ricketts

1. Go wine tasting in Tuscany
Tuscany is one of the world’s most famous wine producing regions. Even the air here is 15% proof! After exploring Florence, head out to the medieval village of San Gimignano to see the jawdropping towers of the town, and spend a few days in her surrounding vineyards.
HOT Tip: When dining in the small towns of Tuscany, prebook tables whenever you can as space is always limited.

2. Trek the Cinque Terre
Whether it be the full 15 kilometres through the five villages, or a day walk between two or more of the villages, the Cinque Terre is a must see when visiting Italy. Each village is beautifully painted in bright colours adding to the stunning coast scenery along the trail.
HOT Tip: Some parts of the trail are easy to walk, but if you want to walk the whole thing you’ll need to be prepared for stairs, and lots of them!

3. Live it up Italian style in your own private villa
It can be a hectic few days ensuring you see every sight there is to see in the likes of Rome, Venice and Milan. Why not cap it off with a relaxing stay in a gorgeous villa in one of the small towns on the shores of Lake Como? Or maybe a 14th century farmhouse blissfully nestled away in the vineyards of Tuscany?
HOT Tip: Ask your consultant about a villa with a pool, you’re sure to use it in the hot Italian summer!

4. Cruise the Grand Canal on a gondola
If Paris were to sink, the Champs-Elysees would be what the Grand Canal is today. Considered the ‘main street’ of Venice, all of the richest most well to do families had to have their homes on the Grand Canal darling! And the bigger, more ornate and luxurious, the better.
HOT Tip: View the beautiful buildings with your own opera singing gondolier, or for something a little different, learn to paddle the gondola yourself!

5. Pop in to see the Pope
Completely enveloped by the city of Rome is the Vatican City, the world’s smallest country and the headquarters of the Catholic Church. There’s countless famous attractions here such as St Peter’s Square, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. Even if you’re not religious, you must go to see the glorious masterpieces that adorn the buildings.
HOT Tip: Ask your consultant about the guided tours which allow you to skip the exhausting queues.

6. Explore the ruins of Pompeii
Undoubtedly one of Italy’s biggest attractions is the remains of the city of Pompeii. As the well known story goes, nearby Mt Vesuvius erupted covering the city, and anyone who didn’t flee, in six metres of ash. Today the victims are cast in plaster moulds where they fell.
HOT Tip: Herculaneum, another town nearby is also worth a visit as it’s much better preserved than Pompeii, and has far fewer crowds.

7. Do as the Romans do
After a day learning about the wonders and ways of the ancient Romans, bring it back a few thousand years by visiting Trastevere where you’ll find today’s citizens of Rome enjoying a night out at the districts many restaurants and bars.
HOT Tip: Romans don’t eat dinner before 8.00pm, so it’s best experienced late. However, some restaurants do open earlier for the tourists.

​8. See an Opera in an ancient amphitheatre  
It’s not quite Gladiator, but you can experience Carmen, Aida, Tosca and more of the world’s great opera’s in Verona’s 2000 year old Roman amphitheatre!
HOT Tip: Afterwards visit the gorgeous Ristorante Caffe Vittorio Emanuele for its post show menu and is beautifully decorated interior including plush chairs, wood panelling, and grand chandeliers.

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