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What to do when it's raining in Phuket


What to do when it's raining in Phuket

story by: Anna Sarjeant

When in Phuket don’t say the m-word….monsoon.

Wet days and cancelled beach trips, here’s what to do when the heavens pour.

1. Illusions and trickery
Do you like illusions? Are you a fan of magicians’ tricks and a follower of all things weird and wacky? If yes, wish for a wet day and pay a visit to Phuket’s Trickeye Museum. If no, go anyway because this place never fails to impress.  

As tricky to explain as it is on the retinas, this fun and engaging activity hub was designed to purposely deceive the eye, with a multitude of 3D paintings that jump off the walls and out of the floors to make seemingly touchable illustrations.

You’ll flinch, duck, gasp and marvel at the surreal scenarios, from a punching Mike Tyson to Spanish running bulls and giant feet, everything looks like it’s coming at you or over you. There are precarious cliff edges, swampy bogs and perilous stepping stones - simply contort your body to suit the illustration; the photographs will look incredible.

Located on the corner of Montri and Phang Nga roads, Trickeye Museum is central to Phuket town and ideal for exploring the centre as a whole. For Trickeye ensure your camera’s 100% charged and allow 2-3 hours to enjoy all the peculiarities. And last but not least, strike a pose! 

2. Upside down and inside out
Friends and family will expect you to return from Phuket with pictures of beaches and temples, so no doubt you’ll surprise them with a three-storey upside down house.

Introducing Baan Teelanka. If you’ve ever wanted your inner kid to resurface and get ridiculously excited over the warped, weird and bizarre, then this is it. And of course for actual children, it’s the Phuket equivalent of Christmas Eve - excitement levels will be through the roof, the upside down roof that is.  

Delivering three kooky attractions in one, there’s the reversed house, which sits on its roof and allows visitors to explore three storeys by walking on the ceilings in eight separate rooms. Then there’s the A-Maze located in the backyard; a 1000sqm maze of hedging with so many variables it’d perplex Alice in Wonderland. And finally, there’s the Chamber of Secrets, a two-roomed puzzle where guests are locked inside and have to think their way out using clues and resolving riddles.

…It’s here we mention there’s complimentary Wi-Fi throughout Baan Teelanka, but using Google would be cheating, right? Best stick with your calculation and logic!

Located on the Bypass Road, allow yourself a full half day to fully explore all three attractions and utilise the staff’s expertise for taking quirky upside-down photographs. A truly memorable experience, anything that’s described as ‘awesomeness overload’ on Trip Advisor has got to be worth a gander.

3. The future of film is 4D
A shopping centre? During your holiday? Are we mad? Yes, but not because we’re recommending a daytrip to Jungceylon during your Phuket vay-cay.

Offering the perfect respite from a monsoon – and the humidity if it’s the heat that’s getting to you – Jungceylon Mall provides air conditioning AND a plethora of rainy day activities. From your standard dining, shopping, bowling and cinema options, there’s also the XD Theatre experience. A must-do if you’re already sheltered in the confines of a mall.

XD Theatre is 3D cinema and then some.

Hold onto your lunch because these theatre seats come complete with moveable bases, which means you’ll move to correspond with what’s unfolding on-screen; falling, accelerating, swerving and crashing. As well as 3D glasses, cool air is pumped into your face. This will be the most real-life movie experience other than well, real life actually.

Movies are short – approximately ten minutes but with at least eight to choose from, you can experience a full 80-minutes of jaunty 4D special effects. This could include a canyon coaster, riding the rickety wooden rails of an abandoned mine, or fighting alongside the Spartans, in battles that will leave you breathless.

No doubt your Phuket holiday won’t be a wash-out, but if you happen to get a day far too grizzly for sunbathing, fall back on any one of these weird and wonderful alternatives. We promise they won’t disappoint.

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Photos courtesy of Asia web Direct. 

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