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There's a Bali holiday to suit every traveller


There's a Bali holiday to suit every traveller

story by: Anna Sarjeant

Activities for Everyone in Beautiful Bali

From the fun at heart to the young at heart, solo travellers, adventurers and relaxers alike, here’s the lowdown on beautiful Bali; one island to suit them all.

1. Family fun
The day starts early. You’re a family with small children.

The spills & thrills
As one of Bali’s best hang-outs for families, Waterbom Bali is Asia’s flashiest water park and centrally located in the heart of Kuta. Set amidst nine acres of tropical gardens, 13 water slides range from classic donuts and high-rise speed chutes, to racing slides, half pipes and more bumps than a pot-holed country lane. It’s thrills, spills and flumes galore – one of which culminates in a huge toilet-style flush.

Fun for everyone
Dads can prove their ‘super-dad’ worth by stomaching the 3.5 gravitational force of ‘Pipeline’, while mums ​can can sneak off for a manicure. With nail bars and spa stops, if you tire of the screams, indulge in some serenity. And with face painting and hair braiding offered for the kids, they’ll be no sulking faces dampening the day.

Food court
Offering an extensive food court, hot dog stands, juice bar and coffee stops, there’s an option to suit every taste bud….Even the picky ones. You know, the ones that refuse to drink juice with bits and won't touch potatoes unless they’re fried!    

2. The adventurist
Dig your feet into the foot cups and hold onto your hand ropes, you’re white water rafting Bali’s Ayung River and things are about to get hairy.

The rafting
Not for those with an aversion to getting their ears wet, located in Ubud and roughly two hours from Kuta, you and your oar will dual with 33 rapids across 10km of beautiful Balinese terrain. Graded at levels two and three, you’ll get a life jacket and a tough plastic helmet. But this is Mother Nature you’re challenging, and she’s one strong, relatively undefeated little madam.

The itinerary is simple 
You arrive by transfer and get kitted out by experienced instructors. Partake in a detailed demonstration, familiarise yourself with the paddle strokes and soon you’ll be walking down to your big rubber vessel, via dense jungle and a descending pathway of steps. You’re in safe, experienced hands, but they don’t call it white water because it’s angelic. 

The experience
Spend close to three hours ​in unpredictable under-currents, playing dodgems with stumpy rocks and jungle-backed embankments​. Stop for waterfalls swims and a snack to keep your energy up. Finishing 10km downstream, you’ll be smashed up and mashed up, but there’s a hearty meal awaiting your arrival.

3. For couples
Bali will always be a haven for couples.

Treetop adventures
If you don’t mind zipping between giant trees and perilous walkways consisting of little more than a tightrope, The Bali Treetop Adventure Park ​in Ubud Botanical Gardens​ is worth giving up your beach for. ​With Tarzan swings, ​jumps, bridges zip lines and 160 metre flying foxes, it’s an adrenaline packed selection of circuits.

4. Independent travellers
Cheerfully cheap when you’re unable to split costs, savvy spenders need only part with as little as $50 per day. And seen as Bali’s greatest draw card is its beaches, nothing comes more wallet-friendly than sunbathing.

Unfortunately, the earth, and more specifically its axis (and incessant need to rotate) robs the beach of sunlight every day. The only silver lining being its sunsets.

The Uluwatu Sea Temple
Widely regarded as the most majestic location to experience the ultimate Balinese sunset. Tittering cliff-side and opposite the vast Indian Ocean, travel to Uluwatu just before dusk.

Hire a driver
You can hire a driver and weave along the coastline. Upon arrival, find a spot with uninterrupted views and wait for the spectacular colour-show to begin.

Fire dancers & food
Now that it’s nightfall you can stay temple-side for the kecak (fire dance) or make your way back for satay skewers and rice cakes – served street-side. Staggeringly good value, in Bali you can afford to eat like an emperor, so fill your boots, pull up a pew (most likely the curb or a plastic chair) and treat yourself to the most gargantuan ‘meal-for-one’ on the menu.   

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