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Local Flavour. Touring Europe with Trafalgar


Local Flavour. Touring Europe with Trafalgar

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In August 2015 Robyn and Kelly Donnelly embarked on Trafalgar's ‘Traditional Europe’ trip. Visiting 10 countries and 29 cities over 18 days. Here Robyn explains what made the journey so special; the drawcards, surprises and highlights.

1. What were your main reasons for picking this particular trip?
With limited time and a long bucket list of Europe cities that we were keen to visit, this itinerary ticked all the boxes. We were especially keen on visiting Engelberg, Venice and Rome which were featured on the trip. Plus we were keen on having a few two-night stays, so that we weren't too rushed and could fully explore each destination.


2. What were the trip’s highlights?
Everything in Rome wowed us; the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel. We even enjoyed an underground Rome dinner and then found ourselves right outside the Colosseum at night. Cruising around Venice on a private launch was spectacular and we loved that we stayed right in the heart of the city, while the free day and night spent in Nice allowed us to wander its beautiful streets with fellow travellers.


3. What surprised you the most about this trip?
The ease of getting to all the places without lugging bags not only made the entire holiday surprisingly easy, it was also a treat. We were amazed at how well we got on with the other Trafalgar travellers. Despite arriving as complete strangers, we left as great friends, having shared some truly amazing moments.

4. What did you enjoy the most?
Travelling with Trafalgar removed all the stresses and strains from getting from A to B, and having a Travel Director with us meant we really got the most out of each location. They were very knowledgeable and provided lots of valuable information. We saw the iconic sights such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower and Cologne Cathedral but were also able to get to the heart of each destination.


5. Who do you think would enjoy this kind of trip the most?
This is the ideal trip for those eager to explore all corners of Europe. Whilst perfect for all ages, ample doses of energy are recommended owing to the fairly fast-paced itinerary.


6. Did this trip make you want to book another Trafalgar tour?
Absolutely. Not only was everything incredibly well organised but we discovered some real gems which we wouldn't have otherwise experienced. Being at the front of queues, plus sitting high-up allowed us to get some stunning views, especially through the Apennine hills of Italy and the Alpine views of Switzerland.


7. What advice would you give anyone thinking about a similar trip?
It’s the perfect way of exploring Europe in a short time frame and a great way of making great friends at the same time.


8. Can you provide any tips for those considering a Trafalgar journey?
We thought we might only do half the optional extras, but once we started the tour we realised it would be crazy to not do them all. We were so glad we did. 

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