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The Ultimate Guide to Family Travel


The Ultimate Guide to Family Travel

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Your knowledge and ours combined! We asked you for your top tips for travelling with family and then we added a few of our own. Because the best holidays are created together, here are the hacks you need to know…

9 quick-fire tips from our consultants across New Zealand:

1. Avoid scheduling activities every day, especially if you have young children, and instead incorporate a few ‘down days’ spent by the pool or the beach.

2. Plan your day in halves – a morning of activity and an afternoon of relaxation, or vice-versa. Both parents and children will benefit from the rest!

3. When booking accommodation, choose somewhere that offers a variety of activities to suit all ages, such as kids' clubs, teenager areas and somewhere that might offer babysitting.

4. Always book in advance for the school holidays! To get the best choice of flights and accommodation start looking 10-11 months in advance (especially for the July school holidays).

5. Singapore is a great destination for families. It offers a wide range of activities for the adults and children including Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, Underwater World, Singapore Zoo and a super cool Night Safari.

6. Travelling with children. Slow the pace right down. Avoid too many changes and ensure you have at least four days solid rest (without hotel moves) in destinations that are really far away, such as Europe.

7. Be sure to take your tablet and phone chargers with you so your gadgets don't go flat.

8. Take some talcum baby powder because it helps to get sand off!

9. Try teaching your kids how to say hello and thank you in the language of the country you’re visiting. It means a lot to the people you meet.

10 quick-fire tips from our followers on Facebook:

1. Make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy their chill-out time. Apartments are great for families and helps save on meal costs by shopping at the local markets and supermarkets. And it’s a fun way to try some local food - Tina Price-Koopu.

2. Check that your destination has a company where you can hire prams, high chairs and baby related essentials that take up too much room when traveling. We did this in Rarotonga and it made everything so much easier! It was all delivered to our room before we arrived – Cherie Sloan

3. Plan! But also leave room for some downtime to rest and for some spontaneous activities. We took a plastic container of books and pencils in our car when we did a two week road trip. Worked great to entertain! We created a photo book afterwards to relive the memories
– Debbie-Jo Baxter

4. Write up a holiday plan and then let your kids choose the next ‘secret’ activity off your list. Make sure all activities include them too. Include family friendly accommodation, age appropriate activities, stops and meal breaks – Dorisz O’Rourke

5. As a little kid myself, when my family went away we would each write down three things we wanted to do while there. We would put our ideas in a hat and then take turns to ‘draw’ an activity. Was cool as it meant we all got to say what we wanted to do, but it was also fair – Lauren Marie Waiting

6. Everyone ‘owns’ a day. They decide what is eaten and what to visit, do, see and play that day. Then everyone had an input into the holiday and it gets everyone excited for the buildup – Jo Wormald

7. When getting travel insurance add a few extra days on. For unexpected delays. I got stuck in Australia with the ash cloud and my insurance had expired. While we were given accommodation, we still had to pay for meals and phone calls to let family know what was happening. Luckily I had a Visa card for emergencies 
– Nicole Svendsen

8. Leave a copy of your holiday plan, such as locations, contact numbers, travel insurance etc, at home with a family member and always keep personal medications with you in your carry-on luggage 
– Marion Crighton

9. When you are planning, realise that not everything will go to plan and that's okay. Holidays are for relaxation, rest and a whole lot of fun and happiness NOT stressing over every single tiny detail. If you want it perfectly planned, leave it to the experts! - Kimberly Simpson

. Take a double adapter or a power board with your universal adapter - so that you can charge a lot of appliances at once (phone, tablet, laptop, batteries etc) rather than lots of arguments over one charger - Kim Moreland. 

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