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The Alice and Angie story


The Alice and Angie story

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Alice Jakowitsch and Angie Gaebler know better than anyone that good company equals great travel. These two best friends have been bouncing around together since they were tots. We followed the pair to Vietnam to capture how friendships are bonded by travel and here, Alice explains why she loves to get away with her soul sister.

What made you first decide to travel with one another?
We’ve known each other for our whole lives but have not lived in the same city since we were in our early 20s. Angie recently moved back from the UK and we were both so busy just working, eating and sleeping that we decided a trip together would be a great chance to recon­nect, and also to have a great adventure.

What things are made easier by travelling as a pair?
It’s great having someone to bounce ideas about where to go and what to do, it also means getting outside of your comfort zone as you’ve got someone who has your back. There's always someone to wake you up when you fall asleep at the airport waiting for your connecting flight.

What’s the greatest thing about travelling with a friend?
One of the most amazing parts of travelling with a friend is making memories together that you can talk about for years to come – also the confidence and sense of adventure that comes from being in a new place and experiencing new things with someone you love. And a second wardrobe to utilise when you’ve worn all your own clothes!

What’s your favourite story so far from travelling with Angie?
We had an absolutely beautiful dawn boat trip in Ninh Binh during our Vietnam trip and we were lying back in the boat while we floated through caves beneath the mountain ranges. I tried to sit back up after we got out from the caves and almost fell out of the boat, we laughed so hard and the woman rowing our boat was trying so hard not to laugh and to stay professional but she finally erupted into fits of laughter. It was a pretty hilarious moment to share.

What do you most admire about Angie?
Angie is such a beautiful soul. She was going through a really raw and tough situation while we were travelling and her vulnerability, openness and deeply reflective journey during the trip was an inspiring rediscovery to be a part of.

How have you changed since your first trip together?
I think this latest trip to Vietnam has really deepened our friendship. We have always been like non-biological family but this was a real connection as fully fledged soul sisters. We can’t wait for our next adventure together. The question is, where to next?

Any travelling tips for duo travel?
Open communication and making sure you both get to make some of the decisions. We had a travel kitty that we both put money into and that paid for food and travel et cetera. Also having your own space when you need it is a must and means you can recharge for the day ahead.

What’s your best travel memory together?
With Angie there is laughter every damn day, we had an incredible time in a village where we got ‘snowed in’ by animals and laughed until we cried. We have a similar sense of humour so every day is funny. We also met a Brazilian man in Vietnam who taught us some Brazilian dance moves, now that was fun!

What have you learnt since travelling with someone else?
I’ve learnt to keep challenging myself to live life outside my comfort zone and that my love for travel and experi­encing new cultures and meeting new people is something to keep prioritising. Since the trip I’ve made some lifestyle changes in line with these values and I am already plan­ning my next trip.

Where would you most like to go with Angie, and why?
Maybe Mallorca to visit Angie in a couple of month's time. I’d also love to take a trip around South America from Mexico all the way to Argentina. The food, the music and the people would be an amazing adven­ture. I’d love to climb Mt Kilimanjaro too, or trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. It would be great to have the moral support of a friend to meet that challenge.

Thanks Alice. If that doesn’t make you want to quit your job, grab your BFF and buy a ticket around the world, we don’t know what will.

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