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So You Want to See Everest, Do You?

So You Want to See Everest, Do You?

story by: Anna Sarjeant

Ratta tat tat. The door’s gently tapped.

“Nope! Not today thank you!”

Day six of the Everest Base Camp Trek. It’s 7am and Furba’s knock on the bedroom door signals it’s time to get up. Again. But it’s cold and the sleeping bag’s warm so let’s just write this one off shall we?

Unfortunately Furba’s a Sherpa and he’s paid to get you out of bed, up, washed (yeah right, you won’t shower for at least four days), fed, and back on the track before 8.15am. He must be good at his job because by 9am you’re heaving, sweating and oh yes, hiking uphill again.

Forty minutes later and Furba’s whipping out a Snickers from his down jacket. You grimace, this isn’t the prize you first thought it was on day one; this is a necessity. He wants you pumped full of kilojoules, and he wants that for one reason and one reason only – there’s a hill on the horizon. And when we say hill, we mean a Himalayan mountain. And Furba would prefer you didn’t faint halfway up.

The reward of course, is Mount Everest Base Camp, which you will reach on day ten. Unless the altitude has taken its toll and you’ve been forced to descend by chopper, mule or mountain goat.

Some will tell you Base Camp is merely a scattering of rocks, that the views to and from are considerably better, and yes, they’d be right. But nothing can rival the sense of overwhelming satisfaction when sitting on those rocks, surrounded by those views, with Furba serving up a hot cup of milk tea and a platter of Digestive biscuits.

He's not, he’s dropped the biscuits all over the snow and is swearing profusely, but let’s not ruin this magical moment with Sherpa expletives.  

Thanks goodness you didn’t write day six off after all; tomorrow you will jump out of bed at 7am, full of beans and with a new zeal for life. Except Furba’s coming for you at 4am tomorrow, you’re summiting Kala patthar. But he didn’t tell you that did he? No, no he did not.

Ratta tat tat...

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