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I saved $100! Now what?


I saved $100! Now what?

story by: Anna Sarjeant

We’re frequently slashing hundreds of dollars off our favourite worldwide holidays, but don’t let that extra wad burn a hole in your pocket. Here are three of our top ideas for spending your saved dollar… 

Fiji: Parasailing - Denarau

Price: From $185 per person

Denarau Island. It looks fabulous from sea level, and even better from the sky. Prove us wrong! Spend your saved hundy on a unique parasailing experience, soaring over the sapphire-blue waters of Fiji’s finest waves; ten glorious minutes taking in a birds-eye view of the Pacific paradise. Departing daily, ask your HOT consultant how to weave this bucket-list achievement into your itinerary.

HOT tip: Stick the GoPro to your forehead and film some seriously cool airborne footage. That’s sure to get at least one hundred Facebook likes.

Hawaii: Submarine Tour – O’ahu

Price: From $158 per person

Say whaaaat? A submarine tour? For civilians? You bet! And it’s just as cool as it sounds, if not cooler.

Atlantis Submarines is a company that allows you to explore the deep, dark depths of Waikiki’s underwater odyssey without joining the Royal Marines and learning the rules of sonar. You’ll board a 48-passenger vessel and descend 30 metres below the sea. Amidst the sunken shipwrecks and abandoned airplanes (panic not, it’s artificial) you’ll slink between coral, turtles, exotic fish and colourful reef. A crowd-pleaser for both adults and children alike, if you haven’t been to the bottom of the ocean before, this one’s a must-do.

HOT tip: The dock to catch your ferry to and from the submarine is located beside the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Argentina: Ultimate Argentine Cuisine Experience – Buenos Aires

Price: From $185 per person

Ever locked lipped with a tasty Argentinian number? Of the greasy kind? We’re of course talking about the country’s famed empanadas. The most delicious things to derive from pastry and meat. Then there’s dulce de leche, steak, Alfajores and traditional medialunas. Did we mention the empanadas?

Learn how to recreate these taste-tastic flavours back on NZ soil with a small group dining experience in the heart of Buenos Aires. Make your own empanadas and try some of the nation’s juiciest steak. Held every evening from Monday – Saturday, you’ll feel like a genuine Argentine chef at the end of this. 

HOT tip: Go with an empty stomach and fill up as you go. 

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