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Is this the coolest hotel in the world?


Is this the coolest hotel in the world?

story by: Anna Sarjeant

Let’s party like it’s 1929.

Why? Because things were just better then. Something the fine UK city of Manchester are very much aware of. Welcome to Hotel Gotham; where the 1920s collide quite spectacularly with modern-day.

1. The Hotel

Hotel Gotham feels like you've just gate-crashed a legendary Great Gatsby party. Built in 1928, the former bank and its distinct Art Deco features are somewhat unique in a street of classic British architecture. It screams old school Manhattan and hints at a decadent past, where jewels were once stored and banker’s drafts saved. And yet it’s theatrical too, with a décor that jumps straight out of a DC comic and an elegance to appease even the most discerning of guests, IE, a multi-billionaire like Bruce Wayne.  

2. The Rooms
Plush meets playful in all 60 Gotham bedrooms, including five Inner Sanctum Suites. As one of the grandest, listed buildings in the city, rooms enjoy high ceilings and full length windows, with furnishings in-keeping with the era and vintage fixtures at every turn. If you have a taste for the ostentatious, you’ll enjoy the legendary ‘swag’ bags, vintage trunks, hat boxes and velvet trims, while the polished brass and ornate wood will have you reaching for your monocle, the words ‘Hello old sport’ involuntarily rolling off your tongue.

3. The Food
With ingredients sourced predominately from North West England, Honey Restaurant combines a winning menu with a winning ambience. Located on the 6th floor, with 1900s banker-style chairs and green glass wall lamps, wear your damn-finest suit and don’t forget the pocket watch. Thatta boy. You’ll eat the juiciest steak, duck served pink and succulent lamb, and then it’s onto the infamous ‘Honey Pudding’ for a sweet finale. You are in the North West when all said and done; pudding is as staple to your diet as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy traditional rice pudding, Manchester-made brulee and thick chocolate soup. 

4. The Club
A little party never killed nobody, so roll up your cuffs, slacken the braces and get on the toot, which is Great Gatsby talk for cutting loose. Club Brass is open to members and Gotham guests only, so it’s strictly VIP. You’ll enter via two vault-like doors - a nod to the hotel's origins as a bank – and a 7th floor rooftop bar awaits, complete with panoramic views across Manchester’s glittering skyline.

5. The Street
King Street in Manchester is architecturally stunning, a place where brick town houses meet grand facades and wrought-iron balustrades. The buildings are heavy-set, withstanding both WWII German bombers and decades of industrial smoke and tar. Formerly the centre of the city’s banking hub, King Street is now a charming tapestry of high-end stores, swanky restaurants and niche coffee shops. Enjoy a light lunch, peruse the $2000 Mulberry bags and then ponder over an espresso while contemplating your next big splurge.   

6. The City
A diamond in the rough, Manchester is unapologetically raw, but beautiful nevertheless. Making no excuses for its rough edges, to the contrary, Manchester embraces its brawny characteristics more-so than any other city in the UK's 'hard' north.

Sitting alongside its grunge bars and lairy (that’s northern speak for loud and gregarious) student scene, Manchester is brimming with pockets of utter refinement; top-notch dining, flashy digs and gleaming high-rise apartments with price tags fit for Premiership footballers, and with one of the country's most prominent - and proud - gay scenes, it doesn't get more colourful than a night out on the infamous Canal Street. Second (but only in size) to London, the shopping's abundant, the history is vivid and the streets are full of swaggering Mancunians; as charismatic as they are cheeky, you can’t help but be won over by the charm of a ‘Manc’.    

All images credited to Mark Leeming.

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