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5 of the Gold Coast's best activities for families


5 of the Gold Coast's best activities for families

story by: Anna Sarjeant

We often promote Gold Coast​ holidays for the startling beaches, stellar surf opportunities and energetic nightlife, but it’s also a prime location to go and scare yourself…senseless. Consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? Read on.

1. Paradise Jet Boating
Nothing like the thrill of thinking you’re about to fall out of a boat – just ask Jack and Rose.

Paradise Jet Boating provides a sure-fire way get your heart pumped and your adrenaline surging, with their full 360 degree spins, high speed drifting and daredevil manoeuvres. For 55 high-octane minutes, you’re at the mercy of your driver (who is ​probably Australian, so you know, a little madder than the average). You’ll turn, swerve, sway and get splashed about in the water, but it’s also suitable for children. If you’re hell-bent on getting soaked, we recommend you sit at the back and embrace the spritz.
Scare Factor: 6/10. Everyone gets a bright yellow life vest, but at these speeds, passers-by won’t be able to differentiate your yellow vest from your yellow boat. 


​2. Seaworld’s Storm Coaster
No point sugar-coating this one; Seaworld’s Storm Coaster is based on a Category 5 Tropical Cyclone at a coastal shipping port. As well as pushing all G-force boundaries, engineers have added a terrifying natural disaster into the mix. 

Let’s hope you like loud bangs, carnage and mayhem, because the Storm Chaser, which is part roller coaster and part log flume, crashes quite spectacularly into total post-storm havoc; flame filled tunnels, live electrics and deafening explosions. We recommend you close your eyes, cover your ears and hope for the best.
Scare Factor: 7/10. You’ll quite likely be acting out your very worst nightmare. 

​3. Jet Ski Safaris
Jet Ski Safaris provide the perfect opportunity to carve up the water at a high level of knots.

With 14 years’ experience, Jet Ski Safaris are the absolute specialists in Jet Ski fun, hiring out their high spec gear for 20km, 40km or 80km self-drives through the untamed mangroves and flood plains of South Stadbroke Island and all the way up to North Stadbroke Island. If you’re new to jet skiing, don’t sweat it just yet, the routes are guided by fully qualified instructors and you’ll get plenty of supervision along the way. And if you’re a veteran jet skier, lock and load, buddy – the water’s yours.    
Scare Factor: 9/10. Why so high, you’re wondering? Because this activity requires no license and no previous experience. That means your gran could give it a go, enough said. 


​4. The Superman Escape, Warner Bros Movie World
Everyone's favourite spandex-wearing superhero now has his own Gold Coast rollercoaster, the Superman Escape. Themed around an urban subway, when an earthquake strikes, who do you want to see? Clark Kent! Sorry, we mean Clark Kent minus his glasses – Superman!

Rated as one of the best rides at Warner Bros Movie World, the beauty of this beast is that it accelerates to 100km/hour in just two seconds. Hold onto your capes, because that doesn’t allow much time to breathe. With all the roller coaster design must-haves, such as vertical climbs, weightless drops and head spinning camel humps, you’ll be thrown through giant G-force turns at breath-taking speed. 
Scare Factor: 6/10. Seeing as it’s Superman, you’re in safe hands.

​5. The Rip, Whitewater World

We didn’t want to forget the miniscule thrill-seekers in the pack, so this one’s for the children too. As long as you’re 120cm tall, you can enjoy Whitewater World’s The Rip.

Did we say enjoy…we might mean endure.

Launching from a 16m tower in pitch blackness (that's terrifying enough, because who isn't scared of the dark?), The Rip sucks riders into its merciless corkscrew core, which is like being flushed down a giant toilet. Then you get caught in the rip, blasted through a roaring curtain of water and propelled into a huge plunge pool a fair few metres below. Child's play, right?
Scare Factor: 5/10. The cloverleaf-designed tube carries four thrill-seekers in total, meaning they'll see you scream and you'll see their tonsils too.

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