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Maui for Every Type of Traveller


Maui for Every Type of Traveller

story by: Anna Sarjeant

We already know what you think about Maui. You think it’s all romantic escapades and amorous honeymoons, beach-side proposals and fairy-tale sunsets.

And you’d be right.

But hold your horses, that's not the be-all and end-all of Maui. This island accommodates every kind of traveller - from the duos to the solos and even those that have two, three or more in tow.

Kindred Spirits
Where to start? Maui oozes so much romance, even the birds sing in love song.

If you’re visiting Maui as a couple, hire a convertible and plan the ultimate road trip along the famed coastal road to Hana. This is by no means a new activity in Maui, but it never fails to impress. Wiggling along dramatic Pacific Ocean coastline, prop your legs atop the dashboard (not recommended for drivers) and let the wind linger through your hair. It’s at least three hours and 80km from Lahaina to Hana, but you’ll want a full day to stop for jungle walks and ocean views; coconuts slices from road-side vendors and romantic waterfall swims. Get momentarily lost in the verdant bamboo forests and wave at everyone and anyone as you go – allow the Hawaiian spirit take ahold.

HOT tip: This beauty is a bendy one! If you suffer from car sickness, designate yourself as driver – focusing on the road will help ease your stomach.

Family First
Silent children. A miracle? Or the result of a world-first underwater experience? Introducing the Atlantis Submarine; the most technologically advanced passenger submarine on the planet.

With noses pressed against the window, jaws ajar in awe, there aren’t many things that keep pint-sized holiday-makers quiet, but 100 feet below water, surrounded by reef sharks, eagle rays and starfish, there’s not much left to say​, except “wow”.

The Atlantis Submarine is a two-hour adventure from dock to dock, with port holes on both sides of the sub, everyone gets a window. You’ll dive one hundred feet into Maui’s fascinating sea kingdom, accompanied by a dedicated crew of on-board submariners – who also double-up as talented children’s entertainers. Tick this one off your bucket-list at any age, it’s an absolute must for adults and children alike.  

HOT tip: It’s worth noting there’s a short ladder to get in and out of the submarine.

Going Solo – YOLO!
Famed for its romance, you might not think of Maui as a destination for the solo traveller, but if isolation and adventure are the prerequisites for a solitary esca​pe, then Maui has it all. Explore the island’s rugged terrain, from dormant volcano hikes, fresh water caves and rainforests or spoil yourself with a day of pampering; the Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Kea Lani Resort boasts an exceptional 'experience shower' inspired by Maui rain.

When in need of human interaction, book a group surf lesson in Kihei, the beginner waves are perfect for first-timers and if you’re in Maui on a Saturday, lucky you – the university in Kahluhi has a fantastic weekly flea market.

HOT tip: Dining solo is made simple too; reduce the cost by taking advantage of restaurant happy hours and dine at Maui’s many food trucks which serve fresh local produce at a wallet-friendly price. 

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