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Ancient and Olympic Self-Drive Greece Itineraries


Ancient and Olympic Self-Drive Greece Itineraries

story by: Anna Sarjeant

Ideal Length: 5 days

Best for: History hounds – especially if you like it really, really old!

For an epic Greece self-drive, the Peloponnese peninsula in Southern Greece won’t disappoint. Step back in time – approximately 4,000 years – and discover a timeless landscape scattered with ancient wonders. From the outer walls of Mycenae and its 3000-year-old interior to the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus which is the most popular archaeological site in the country, you can’t escape the formidable history. Visit in summer and you might even catch an ancient Greek performance at the Epidaurus theatre. Then there’s Mystra with its labyrinth of Byzantine streets and Corinth for its tumbling blocks of ruined temples and palatial pillars that date back to Roman times. Of course, no trip to Peloponnese would be complete without a trip to Olympia. As original hosts to the ancient Olympic Games, wander through the crumbled remains of the former gymnasium, palaestra (wrestling school) theokoleon (priests’ house) and famed Temple of Zeus.  

HOT tip: Street parking is difficult to find in cities and you may need a ‘Parking Card’ which can be bought from kiosks (peripteros).

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