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Burgundy, Champagne and Alsace, France - Highlights


Burgundy, Champagne and Alsace, France - Highlights

story by: Inspire France & Italy

There is so much to see and do in France and the surrounding regions that you could become overwhelmed with choice.  To help narrow down your options if you only have a limited time available, at House of Travel we have put together some of our favourite attractions or visitor spots so you don't miss out on anything!

  • Burgundy Wine Experience. Some of the wines from Burgundy are considered to be the best in the world. The vineyards of Chablis, Meursault or Montrachet may be a veritable patchwork worked by small scale growers but they produce memorable white Burgundy wines. La Romanée, Chambertin and Musigny, renowned for red Burgundy wines, are coveted by connoisseurs, collectors and investors alike. The principle wine growing region is vast, from Chablis in the north, and moving southwards, the Côtes de Nuits, Côtes de Beaune, Côtes Chalonnaise and  Mâconnais.
  • Reims, one of the main gastronomic centres of France is eager to show you the legacy of its glorious past and to lead you into a prestigious realm of the most celebrated and festive of wines.
  • Alsace is the Germanic region of France. It is a region lying on the west bank of the river Rhine, between the Rhine and the Vosges mountains. To the north and east it shares a border with Germany; to the south with German-speaking Switzerland, and to the west with Lorraine and Franche Comté.
  •  is one of the many fine cities of France; its historic centre, with its magnificent gothic cathedral, is among the most visited in France, and the Petit France quarter, on the banks of the river Ill, is particularly worth a visit. Among the highlights of the city's year is the annual Christmas Market, held around the cathedral, an event that attracts visitors from all over France and neighbouring countries.

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