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Have a Top Holiday with Topdeck Travel


Have a Top Holiday with Topdeck Travel

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Who doesn't love to travel, right? From the inexperienced, starry-eyed backpacking teenager to the seasoned vacation veteran, anyone can explore at any time for any reason. Here at House of Travel, we like to think we know a thing or two about great holiday experiences, so you can trust us when we recommend our friends at Topdeck Travel as perfect for your next holiday package.

What is Topdeck Travel?

Topdeck Travel is a tour operator which has prepared unique, once-in-a-lifetime itineraries for keen travellers from all over the globe since 1973. The deals on offer are constantly in rotation, depending on what and where is hot and what/where isn't. 

A Topdeck tour isn't a lonely affair, either. You get to have the time of your life with a group of like-minded travel enthusiasts, all of whom are being taken on a wonderful adventure in your chosen destination. 

What does the Topdeck Travel experience include?

Though the country, city and attractions may differ from package to package, you can expect the same level of quality throughout each. The company focuses on people aged 18-30-something, meaning you could be travelling with quite a diverse range of young people, all eager to take a few selfies, see a few sights and go home with some truly awesome stories to tell.

Topdeck itineraries include a number of different holiday facets already planned, so you don't have to think about them. These include:

  • Guided tours - so you see some of the best sights possible, with a knowledgeable host to accompany your group
  • Accommodation - forget the days of finding an ideal hotel, only to discover it has no vacancies
  • Transport - because getting around a foreign country by yourself is a hassle you don't need
  • Food - rather than stress about what you can and can't (or should and should not) eat, think about how great it is that someone else has sussed it out

To use a specific example, if you chose to travel on an 'African Insight' seven-day, three-country tour, all of your transport from Johannesburg to Livingstone (or vice versa) would be ready for you. This includes six breakfasts, four lunches and five dinners! Not to mention six campsites already plotted on the journey, all the camping equipment pre-packed in the boot and any road tolls taken care of.

Where can I visit with Topdeck?

If you book a Topdeck experience through House of Travel, you will need to have your best travel face prepared. This is because it might just be able to see the entire world!

How does a sun-soaked jaunt to the Mediterranean sound? You could start a journey in the Turkish coastal tourist haven of Fethiye, a place steeped in history dating back to ancient Rome, Persia and more.

On the other hand, you may want to follow the road tripping Hollywood dream and drive across the United States - without having to drive, of course. This could take you coast to coast, passing through the multicultural capital of Louisiana, New Orleans. Did you know that this city was first French, then Spanish, and finally purchased by the US in 1803? You'll get a chance to see this harmony of European stylings for your very own eyes.

Then again, have you truly explored your own Kiwi backyard? You could step onto the West Coasts's longest glacier, Fox, experience some of Queenstown's over 220 activities and stand beneath the mighty Mount Cook all on the same trip!

These are only a small section of what's on offer through Topdeck Travel, too. There is also Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Canada and the rest of Europe to explore. 

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