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Welcome to the World of Private Jet Travel


Welcome to the World of Private Jet Travel

story by: Anna Sarjeant

For the utmost in luxury travel, Captain’s Choice pips the post for the most high-end travel experience in the industry.

Forever striving to deliver the highest levels of service, guests travel by private jet, accompanied by a staff of experts, a dedicated flight crew and one ideology that builds the very foundation of a journey with Captain’s Choice – to make the world’s most inaccessible, accessible.

The name itself suggests prestige - but what does it really take to be picked as the captain’s number one choice?

  1. Unique travel style

    When you have a tailor-made Boeing 767 providing business class flights – and your very own private jet schedule – you’re instantly freed from the constraints of regular scheduled travel. With itineraries that access all the world’s top destinations, conducted by a dozen-or-so dedicated staff, your only responsibility is to arrive on the day of departure. From take-off to touch-down, airport transfers, check-in and check-out, you’re no longer running to the same rhythm as regular travellers; with Captain’s Choice you join the jet-setting elite of rock stars, politicians, monarchs and self-made millionaires.  

  2. Chartered planes

    The aircraft you’ll be using for the duration of your trip is a fully customised Boeing 767; gutted of its traditional 375 seat formation and re-kitted with 90 business-class recliners. There is so much additional space you’ll enjoy maximum leg room and unparalleled comfort, with a full crew to oversee your every need.  

    Where possible, flights depart during the daytime so you’re guaranteed an evening’s sleep in a comfortable hotel bed, while utilising the world’s best runways ensures you’re more likely to avoid delays. It’s not uncommon for Captain’s Choice to depart London from Harrods’s private air strip, and similar esteemed runways across the globe. Food and beverages are all top-shelf, from the unlimited Dom Pérignon to the rare fillet steaks served on fine china and white linen tablecloths.

  3. Dedicated staff

    From the flight crew to an experienced Tour Director, guests are top priority for the duration. There are tour escorts constantly – and effortlessly - smoothing the way, from customs to immigration, hotel check-in and passport handling, as well as bag handlers at every stopover. Leave your luggage at the foot of the bed in one hotel and that’s exactly where it’ll be five hours later, albeit at a new hotel, in a new destination.

    Skilled guides escort each tour and since the staff boasts first-hand knowledge for over 160 countries, each destination is matched with the best leader. For anything from assistance to admin, guests can safely assume there’s an expert to handle it, including a private tour doctor who will provide anything from pain killers to advice and stay-safe recommendations for every location.   

  4. Signature luxuries

    With Captain’s Choice the superior levels of service are unmatched; the upgrade from regular travel so profound you’ll never want to experience the world any other way again (and hence why the rate of return customers remains so high).

    From premium wines on-board chartered planes to gourmet regional food served every day, the five-star hotels and seamless transfers, tour experiences are maximised every step of the way.

  5. The inaccessible made accessible

    You’ll enjoy private ceremonies at some of the world’s most famed regions, such as private dinners overlooking Angkor Wat, or bespoke cruises down the Panama Canal. You’ll stay in premium accommodation affording stunning views over iconic landmarks - well after the hoards have departed. It’s the gracious finishing touches that propel Captain’s Choice from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

  6. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Choose to do as little or as much as you please; stay all day by the pool or take an early hot air balloon over Asian temples, enjoy an optional helicopter flight over Iguazzu Falls or view its roar from the ground up, on-board a water-skimming boat. It’s your holiday, done your way. With trips that offer multiple daily options and a team to organise every inclusion, add-on or extra, you get life-changing experiences exactly how you’ve always envisaged them.

Luxurious, opulent, deluxe and distinguished - if these words appeal, then so will private jet travel, courtesy of Captain's Choice. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime.


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