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Do you dare visit these 3 haunted Scottish castles?


Do you dare visit these 3 haunted Scottish castles?

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Scotland is a deeply historic place, with the remnants of past civilisations found in its gently undulating green hills that date back upwards of 14-15,000 years. One of the main heritage features that dot the Highland landscape is the raft of castles, both crumbling and beautifully restored.

On your next tour of this fairytale country, why not delve into the spookier side of its past? Many of these classic buildings are supposedly haunted by lingering spirits, with all manner of back stories to engage and delight both you and your family.

Here are some you should visit.

1. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh
Few castles in Scotland are more famous than the mighty structure atop a hill at the heart of the capital. Edinburgh Castle has stood since its construction in the Iron Age, and was supposedly first a small Roman fort, according to the castle's government website.

From its beginnings as a fully fledged castle until now, this impressive building has exchanged hands an astounding amount of times. From bloody battles along the walls to its capture through cunning disguises, the history here is long and intricate. As such, it's no surprise there are reportedly ghosts who still hang around.

One such ghost claimed to still be tethered here is that of Lady Janet Douglas, accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake in 1537, while her son looked on in horror. You may also hear the wailing sound of otherworldy bagpipes, as a piper once wandered into the underground tunnels here, never to be seen again.

Companies such as The Ghost Bus Tours regularly run haunted experiences here, so make sure to book one during your trip.

2. Glamis Castle, Glamis
Not too far north of Dundee, you'll find one of the country's most beautiful manor-style castles, Glamis. This is a building so opulent, it was fit for royalty - literally. Mary Queen of Scots is said to have stayed there in the latter half of the 16th century.

Set on lawns of luminous green and swathed in charming, shaggy trees, Glamis Castle is a must-visit attraction when you are driving up Scotland's east coast. 

As for the spirits of another time, though it may have seen less battles than its Edinburgh counterpart, Glamis has its fare share of ghostly activity. In fact, Mysterious Britain states that it is one of the most haunted castles in the nation. 

Lady Janet Douglas sure gets around, and indeed many witnesses have spotted her haunting both the chapel and clock tower. Some accounts speak of a ghost with no tongue and a scarred face, known to run about the park and stare out some of the castle's barred windows.

Some even say one of the local lords, Earl Beardie, lost his soul to the Devil in a card game, and they are said to still be playing in a walled-off, secret room somewhere.

3. Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven
For a castle of the crumbling kind, look no further than Dunnottar, just south of Aberdeen. This fantastic destination is a quintessential ruined castle experience in Scotland, consisting of numerous ancient structures, painstakingly maintained on top of a high cliff top perch, overlooking the raging ocean below.

This is another site that has seen many an owner, not to mention no less than a few invaders. In fact, this has been a sacred site for the ancient Pictish people, as well as an early church site. It has also been attacked by both Vikings and William Wallace, and was a place where Mary Queen of Scots stayed.

Many apparitions have allegedly been spotted here, in addition to unexplainable noises. For instance, some people have heard a meeting going on in the Benholm's Lodgings building when no one is there, and eerie cries from the cliffs have also been reported.

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