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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift


The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

story by: Anna Sarjeant

Newsflash. Dad has enough socks. His wine rack is (mostly) full of wine, he doesn’t wear cufflinks and he has more ties than dad jokes. With Father’s Day quickly approaching (FYI it’s Sunday 6th September and you’re welcome!) If you really want to impress dad, take him to one of these awesome father-approved destinations.

Glenfiddich Whisky Distillery, Scotland

Do you know who William Grant is? No? We bet your dad does!

Better known as the creator of one of Scotland’s finest single-malt whiskys, William Grant is the man behind Glenfiddich.

For those of you who don’t know Gaelic (what really?) Glenfiddich is Gaelic for Valley of the Deer, hence the deer emblem, and boy does this Scottish valley make for a stunning whisky-making setting.

A distillery built by hand, with stones sourced from the bed of River Fiddich, the malt house in Scotland’s charming Dufftown remains the only whisky producer in Scotland to use a single source of water throughout the entire process; water sourced from the Robbie Dhu spring no less, and filtered by Scottish purity. The formula hasn’t changed since 1887; the malted barley is specially sourced, fermented in traditional pine wash-backs and boiled with Juniper bushes – to neutralise the sulphur and sweeten the copper.

Old William wouldn’t have it any other way. 

With three distillery tours to choose from, ranging from a few hours to a half-day, guests can visit the malt warehouses and malt master’s blending room, attend tutored masterclasses and bottle a small sample as a take-home keepsake (dependent on tour). Prices range from $24 - $225 per person. Top that with a tasting at the on-site Malt Bar and try the variety that’s a modest 59 years old. Just make sure you have the £1,250 funds to pay for it!

Goldeneye, Jamaica.

Where you ask? Oh, only the idyllic Jamaican resort where Ian Fleming penned all 14 James Bond books.

And not just the former residence of Fleming, this island retreat, on Jamaica’s Oracabessa Bay is now owned by music mogul, Chris Blackwell – the man responsible for discovering Bob Marley no less. So you could say it’s a little bit special.

With a special price tag too, but less about that – nothing’s too high-end for dad.

Stay at the Goldeneye Fleming Villa and you’ll be treated to a clifftop location, your own private beach, own pool, a tropical garden, butler, housekeeper and cook. Not too shabby to say the least. You’ll also bask in the same idyllic surroundings that Fleming once did - it’s by no coincidence Bond starred in a book titled Goldeneye, this place is truly inspiring. 

And with fifty acres of tropical landscape to explore, who knows what else you’ll discover amidst its beauty? We bet dad’s hoping to find Halle Berry - emerging from the ocean in her infamous orange togs. 

Cypress Point Golf Course, California

Ranked as the world’s second best golf course, Cyprus Point Golf Course is a Californian masterpiece.

If you’re wondering why we’re showcasing the world’s second best it’s because Cypress Point is a rule-breaker, a rebel against traditional golf course design; favouring fun over formality. And hey, everyone loves a renegade.

Alister MacKenzie-designed (and if that doesn’t mean anything to you, it will to your golf-crazy dad) CP’s 18-hole course boasts one of the most iconic and scenic golf courses on the map. With a green that snakes through dunes and forest, Cypress trees and sheer coastal rock face, the Pacific Ocean pounds in the background, the 17-mile Drive slices through the greenery and there are numerous seemingly unplayable holes to fool even the most hardened of golfing champs.

In terms of fun, Cypress Point is unmatched, with MacKenzie’s rebellious design creating a layout that will perplex and delight. It’s a course that would otherwise be considered bad golf design, there are back to back par fives (and three par fives in the first six holes) as well as back to back par threes. Crazy, no?

From sand dunes to spectacular views, every golfing enthusiast yearns to one day conquer Cypress Point. The signature hole can be found on the 16th; a long par three which requires a 231-yard tee shot over the Pacific. Yes, you read correctly - over the Pacific. It needn’t reach your mother back in NZ, but you’ll want to play it into the mid-sized green on the other side.

Not bad for second place aye? Something to remind your dad if he’s not always the winner at his local! 

The Monaco Grand Prix

It’s the race course that keeps the world’s best drivers awake at night, with the infamous hair pin corner and the most coveted trophy in the champion’s cupboard. It’s the Monaco Grand Prix.

As well as a ridiculously glamorous venue, frequented by celebrities, A-listers, monarchy and models, the annual Monaco Grand Prix entices the driving elite to tackle a narrow course of city streets and difficult bends. Little wonder then, it’s regarded as the most challenging circuit in the Formula 1 World Championship™.

Next year, the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix kicks off May 26th, when the spring is transforming into a glorious European summer and the mega yachts and their mega-millionaires dock for a spectacular season of sun, Champagne and gasoline. Grand Prix tickets start as little as 64 Euros ($107) or you could stay at the super slick Fairmont Hotel and enjoy spectacular views across THAT hairpin.

Of course, Monaco is a year-round dream destination, especially for car fanatics. Visit out of Grand Prix May and you’ll be welcomed with a more laid-back atmosphere. If you’re in Monte Carlo, be sure to go supercar shopping (but more likely window-shopping if you don’t have a casual two million to hand). Press your nose against the window of a Lamborghini showroom, or stroll past the Bugatti dealerships and gasp at all the Bugatti-beauty. Quite literally filled with Veyrons, for the average motor-head it’s the excitement equivalent of being a kid in a candy store. A pick n’ mix of speed, spoilers and signature Bugatti curves.

Now wouldn’t that be nice?

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